Monday, October 29, 2007

Download Hacks and How to Avoid Them by MisterY

I recently read a real eye opener about how "hackers" can download YOUR products off of YOUR websites without paying for them. I always thought that hackers were these evil people that hacked into secret government installations and stole state secrets. Now I know that there are plenty of hackers that just help themselves to whatever they want all over the internet.

So, you may not know it but your website may be leaking hundreds, or perhaps thousands of dollars out of your sales account.

If you think you've 'hidden' your download folder then think again because there are frighteningly simple ways of 'uncovering' your secret folders that even a child could use. Pretty scary, huh?

Download Hacks and How to Avoid Them is an excellent book which uncovers all the hackers' 'secrets'. In fact the writer who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous and is known as 'MisterY', infiltrated the hackers' secret lair to discover all their systems and techniques.

Now he has written an expose of hacker methods which shows you exactly how they work and what you can do to protect your site and your downloads from hacker attack.

He really does leave nothing out as he takes you by the hand and reveals their most closely guarded secrets.

Inside Download Hacks and How To Avoid Them you will also gain access,not only to the hackers' secrets but there is a complete Resource Center which provides all the techniques you need to use to control access to your website.

And he shows you exactly how to protect your files, products and downloads from prying eyes.

This is the real deal and this ebook is packed with VALUE (in my humble opinion).

By the way, I happen to be a personal friend of MisterY (for REAL) and he has organized a special discount for my readers and subscribers. The normal price is visible on MisterY's main sales page:

P.S I nearly forgot! Specially for my loyal readers I've arranged a discount with MisterY. The normal price is on MisterY's main sales page: Don't buy it from there. Make sure you pick it up from Download Hacks and How to Avoid Them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Todd Gross, Kevin Riley, Craig Desorcy, Grizzly Bear, Dr. Mani, Paul Meyers...

Today I feel like telling you about some of my favorite people on the internet.

Kevin Riley - Now there's a guy who churns out high quality products! He is an extremely personable guy, living in Japan. He is constantly producing new products that are really good. One of his line of products is his "Recipe for..." line. A few examples of them are: Recipe for a Newsletter (learn how to produce an effective newsletter which gets read and acted upon).
He also has a great freebie report on how to create your own Online Money Factory.
He gives wonderful advice and produces excellent products that can make YOU money. His products are also very professionally done with super graphics and videos.

Craig Desorcy - Here's another native English speaker who lives in Japan and teaches English there. He is one of the all around nicest guys online. He loves to help newbies and you can find his various instructional video tutorials in different places on the internet. He's got a great site for newbies where you can join for free and get one on one help from him. He's also got video tutorials available there. If you are a newbie, looking to learn the ropes and get ahead this is one person you want to be in touch with.
If you are interested in joining his free membership it's at

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian (hope I spelled that right) - I just posted recently about Dr. Mani and I don't want to repeat myself. Let it suffice to say that the man is very, very special and one of THE most helpful people I have ever come across online. It is well worth your while to be on his list. Despite his success online and off this is not a blown up guru who preens in front of the rest of the IM'ers. He's fresh, original, creative and knows a heck of alot about being an infopreneur. The best part is that he likes to share his know how. Here's the link again for Dr. Mani's Niche Starter Kit.

Todd Gross - Mr. Personable, Weatherman and Internet Marketer. What a personality. He produces great videos and he's so darn convincing!!! He's another one of those nice guys who always answers his emails immediately. I always open his emails because he's got great deals to offer. They are short and too the point. Smart. If you haven't joined Todd's Free Monthly Gifts site I highly recommend you do. Every month he provides you with high quality products at no charge. A total no brainer. Get on this guy's list!!

Grizzly Bear - I don't know his real name but who cares. Grizzly has one of the best internet marketing blogs I have ever read online. When I say "the best" I mean that it's got the most no-cost information. Grizzly knows so much and shares his knowledge and opinions freely. I like him. If you want to check out his blog it's here: Make Money for Beginners. I literally stumble upon it once because it has a similar name to mine!

Paul Meyers - Probably the wittiest and most articulate guy online. He's been around for just about forever. I love following his posts in the Warrior Forum and I enjoy being on his list. I'll admit that I never purchased a product from him but not because I don't believe that they are high quality. He's very knowledgeable and informative! Oh yeah. Also extremely entertaining. Another list worth joining.

That's it for today. I hope you've enjoyed my list. Anyone you would add to this list???
Please feel free to comment!!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dr. Mani

Ok, Friends.
Today I have to tell you about a real internet friend of mine.
His name is Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian. He is a very, very special man.
Besides being an internet marketing expert, better known as an infopreneur, Dr. Mani (in his "real life") is a pediatric cardiac surgeon with an burning desire to give and give and give to society. I don't know how he finds the time to do what he does but he is truly amazing.

Can I share with you what Dr. Mani did this week? He was so excited about Willie Crawford's fantastic team-built ebook, "20 Ways To $100 a Day" that he emailed his list and told us that he wants to GIVE OUT 10 copies of the book to people who cannot buy it right now ( it's simply not in my budget right now). He requested that whoever wants a copy post to his blog. Well, he chose 10 people for whom he personally purchased the book and I was one of them. Is he amazing or what?

Please join Dr. Mani's 24 hour challenge here:
Where you can either donate or fundraise for a good cause: Room To Read
Room to Read provides under-privileged children with opportunities to gain the lifelong gift of education, in order to break the cycle of poverty and provide the means for self-determination.

In any event, I recommend joining Dr. Mani's list. He's one of the most prolific guys on the internet. Constantly churning out reports and products. He's clever, original and a total breath of fresh air.

If you're interested in seeing what kind of products Dr. Mani has you can check out Dr. Mani's Niche Starter Kit.