Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays and Stompernet Videos

Happy holidays to one and all.

Are you satisfied with your online performance for 2007? Did things go as planned? Did you even plan? Do you have a business plan?

I am asking these "provocative" questions to get you to thinking. If you are satisfied with this year's results, keep doing what you've been doing. If not, maybe take a step back and do a reckoning of how your online business is doing (actually, it's good to do a reckoning in any event). Sometimes we get swept along with what we're doing even if it may not be the most profitable thing to do or even if we're doing it not quite the right way.

Have you been focusing on doing one online project at a time? Or do you keep getting sidetracked by new and exciting offers that land in your inbox? Man, just downloading all those freebie gifts that come this time of year takes hours! If you haven't worked that into the schedule you can be totally thrown off (like what is happening to me!!!).

There is so much going on out there. So many new products to check out. We need to set aside specific time in our schedule to keep abreast of what's going on in the world of Internet Marketing. But by no means let this completely take over your day. It's so easy for that to happen.

If you make any new year's resolutions at all, let one of them be that you will strive to focus on one project at a time. And plan, plan, plan. It's too "easy" not to plan. But that can cause us to waste mounds of time.
These are my thoughts at the close of 2007.

Now, for some Holiday cheer.

Go watch this video made by Andy Jenkins from Stompernet. He's going to give you a new piece of software totally FREE. It's called Scrutinizer and will helpyou look at your website with a new pair of eyes - eyes that help you see whatyour visitors see. Then you will be able to make changes in layout in order toincrease your conversions. The video is only 6 minutes long. It's cute and tells you exactly how to get the software.

Also, if you are interested in learning how to triple your conversions, go watch Andy's free Stompernet video on how to do that. It's an excellent and eye opening video.

Once again, Happy holidays to everyone!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Free Lesson From Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind

You may remember that I did a review of Yaro Starak's Blog Mastermind membership.
I am happy to be able to provide you today with a freebie lesson from the Blog Mastermind. Yaro is closing the membership to new members on Moday, December 10th. He has made this lesson available so that you can have a read or a listen to the audio and see if you think this membership is for you. The lesson is number 11 in his series of 27 lessons and the topic is "Traffic to Your Blog".

I was a member of the Blog Mastermind for 4 months. Every week Yaro would send out a lesson on such topics as Traffic, Podcasting, RSS, Social Networking, SEO for blogs, Blog Monetization etc. etc. Each lesson is provided in both text form and audio. There is quite alot of content in each lesson and Yaro gives lots of homework too. In addition to the lessons Yaro provides tons of other stuff like case studies of members' blogs and all kinds of other audios of blogging experts in the industry. The amount of information in the membership is staggering.

The Mastermind takes the novice blogger and slowly but surely turns him/her into an experienced, money making blogger. This mastermind is for people who are interested in building a serious blog which becomes an "authority" site. Not quickie "splogs" for just pushing products. Yaro teaches you how to build your blog the right way so that when you get to the monetization step, you do it right and people wind up buying from you.

I highly recommend that you check out this free lesson if you have any desires or plans to become a blogger. If you like Yaro's style you can sign up to the mastermind. He even provides a 30 day, money back guarantee.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mark Hendricks' 12 Days of Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again.
Business slows down and people are busy giving/receiving gifts and good wishes.

Internet Marketer Mark Hendricks has an amazing product giveaway (the 12 Days of Christmas) every year at about this time. What he does is giveaway freebies every other day the few weeks before Christmas.
He's got high quality stuff available for download and I recommend going over there, signing up and starting to receive your gifts.

And now, if you would like to have a smile and maybe even a laugh at yourself/ourselves/the whole Internet Marketing Industry - have a peek at this special Christmas video that my buddy Kevin Riley put on Youtube a few days ago. He has this DISCLAIMER about watching the video: The Product Creation Labs (that's Kevin) will not be held liable for any coffee, eggnog, or other drinks spewed all over your keyboard, or coming out your nose.