Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ok. So you're new at internet marketing and you want to get the ball rolling. You want to see some $$ going in to your Paypal account. Maybe you tried affiliate marketing. Maybe it wasn't as easy as "they" make it out to be. There's alot more to success at affiliat marketing than just taking a link and plastering it up on your website/article/email.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about having YOUR OWN product. Have you started to look around at different niches that work for you? Do you have a topic that you are somewhat knowledgeable (or even passionate) about?

Would you like to start building your list?

Once you have a list you can start building a relationship with them. Eventually, if you provide them with enough valuable information they may buy from you! Get enough people on your list and provide them with good value and you will surely earn income from your subscribers. And you will be feeling good about providing them with valuable information that actually helps them.

Are you a bit unclear still about how to start your list? Would you like to own a neat tool which teaches you how to go about writing your first free report and instructs you how to graduate from free to low cost and then to higher cost reports?

Kevin Riley, master of the "Recipes" series has come up with yet another great Recipe called Recipe for Building a Cash Pumping List with Free Reports. He provides detailed instructions in an ebook on how to write your free report. He provides a Word Template for the report, a complete website, thank you page, confirmation page with instructions on how to pull it all together with your autoresponder (without which you cannot build your list, of course...).

This is the product that can help you get started building that list the right way.