Saturday, March 31, 2007

$7 Reports

A short while ago Jon Leger started the phenomenon of selling reports for $7. His first report was about how to get traffic from YouTube.

Jon's next report was also a $7 report. This one discussed the huge success of the first report and described how he achieved his success with it and also explained how he used PayPal to accept payments. He also incorporated some special scripts he'd created. Once people bought a $7 report from him they could turn around and sell it to their list, thereby making back their money and then some.

Sales really jumped because of the resell system built into the report. This system made it really simple for anyone who had bought the report to re-sell it and make money. Jon quickly spotted that his system would work for any report and not just his own so he set up a special website called 7 dollar solutions to act as a central store for anyone with a good quality report to sell.

In a matter of weeks, over 400 different reports were written by experienced online marketers and many of these sold well because they too came with Resale Rights. This meant that anyone who bought a report could then go on and re-sell it to recover their costs. If they sold more than one version, they were in profit!!

But having Resale Rights and know exactly what to do with them are two entirely different things. Experienced internet marketers were able to exploit these reports very fast and started to earn money from their Resale Rights literally in a matter of minutes but other people who were less familiar with online marketing often got stuck.

One marketer, William Charlwood, spotted this problem and wrote a detailed report of his own that specifically shows you how to sell reports using Jon Leger’s system. Called $7 Dollar Selling it gives anyone the knowledge they need to get started.

One of the intriguing facts about William’s report is that it shows you a total of 23 different ways you can sell reports including no less than 12 techniques you can use that don’t even require a website. It’s highly readable too and is a good and low-cost introduction to the fascinating world of internet marketing. So if you want to know how internet marketers make their living and you want to break into the online marketplace, it’s well worth a read.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Autoresponders, The Importance of

Everyone is always talking about how the money is in the list.

Well, I've come to understand that it really is crucial to have a list. When I saw that in the past few months thousands of people had visited my site I realized what a waste it was that I didn't have an opt in box for people to join my mailing list. Had I had the opt in box all along I might have built a really nice sized list.

The beauty of it all is that it really is so simple to start buiding your list. What you need is :

1. a free report to offer to your subscribers
a little course that you can promise to send them in installments
2. an autoresponder.

A free report is easy enough to either write up or buy.
There are free autoresponders on the market, but my understanding is that they are not as reliable as the paid ones, and some of them even display adds in your mails. That doesn't look very professional.

The two autoresponders with the best reputations are Aweber and Getresponse.
I use Aweber and I'm very happy.

An autoresponder enables you to load up as many messages as you like into it and these messages get sent out whatever interval you decide. So, for example, you can set up 5 messages that you want to have sent out once a week for a year. This way, you can do the work in one or two days and then the whole business works on autopilot!

You can embed affiliate links in your autoresponder messages and your subscribers can buy through your affiliate links right from the message. These messages are sometimes called "ezines" or "newsletters". Today I hear about an internet marketer who does not own her own site. All she has is a Blogger blog and a subscription to Aweber. She has 52 messages in Aweber for each list she owns. This woman made about $90,000 last year WITHOUT HER OWN SITE. Pretty amazing.

Remember that it's crucial to have an autoresponder. I waited too long till I subscribed. Don't you make the same mistake!!! There's no time like the present. Mosey on over to Aweber and sign up NOW!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dirk Wagner's List Profits Crash Course

I found a new super comprehensive List Profits Crash Course which I highly recommend you check out. It's not a freebie but the price was only $5.74 when I bought it. It's increasing by 1 cent each time someone purchases.
If you want, you can re-sell the book for 100% profit and also make 50% of the one time offer.

Despite it's really low price it's 108 pages long and jam packed with useful information about how to write in a way that builds trust with your list while still making you money from it.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Common Mistakes Most People Make In Their E-Mails - Here you are going to learn exactly what makes an e-mail promotion or article flop and how you can avoid these pitfalls forever!
  • How To Induce Sales With Cleverly Written Text - You are going to learn how to use the secrets of persuasion to your total advantage and how to persuade anyone to part with their cash to buy your product.
  • How To Write Captivating Content - This section will teach you how to write content that engages your reader 100% almost like hypnosis and also how to turn that interest in your article to interest in your product!
  • How To Write At Turbo Speed - In a hurry or just don't want to spend loads of time writing? You're going to learn how to write at record speeds and the best part is, the quality will be of extremely high quality!
  • The Relationship Factor -There's no doubt, you need to create relationships with people in order to sell to them. Here you will learn the insider tactics to creating strong relationships with people using the power of e-mail!
  • Response Boosters! - Is your e-mail promotion just not doing as well as you'd hoped? Never fear! You are going to learn how you can increase the response of any e-mail with just a few fast, simple tweaks!

  • Autoresponders, HTML & Personalization - This is where you will learn how to use some of the "tools of the trade" in non-conventional ways for extreme profits, higher response and automatic sales follow-up.
  • The Secret Formula For Your Mailing Schedule - Here you are going to learn the precise formula that you need to use to create the strongest, most profitable relationships with your subscribers by staying in their mind!
Dirk Wagner could easily have charged much more for this and I can't figure out why he priced it so low. If you want to get it for as close to $5 as possible check out List Profits Crash Course asap!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogging for Money $$$$$$$

Let's talk about blogging.

Many people want to get started on their Internet Marketing business but aren't sure how to go about it. There is so much information out there and it's hard to know whom to trust and which way to go. Most people haven't a clue how to go about starting a website and everyone seems to think that it's necessary to have a website in order to build a business on the internet.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to have a website or a product in order to make it online. Eventually you will want to have your own site but to start off with you CAN manage without one.

My recommendation is to start a blog in Blogger (which is owned by Google). This could take you about 10 minutes (15, tops). Choose a topic that you know something about and just start to blog. Post to your blog every day.

Then, what you'll want to do is find some products that are connected to the topic that you are blogging on and promote these products from within your blog. You could promote from within product reviews that you will write in your blog, or from the "links" area in the right or left bar of your blog. You will find these products at sites like Clickbank, Paydotcom, Commission Junction (, Linkshare and 0ther similar sites. These sites will provide you with a url to promote (a website address). You put this url in you blog posts and when someone clicks on it they will be taken to the vendor's sales page. If they buy the product you will be credited with commission. If you put these affiliate links within your posts it increases the chances that someone will click on them.

Another way to monetize your blog is by adding Adsense ads. I, personally, removed the ads from my blog because I felt that it was taking the focus away from the more lucrative links on the blog and it wasn't worth my while. Kind of like stepping over the dollars to get the pennies, if you know what I mean.

Here are some good, free resources for you to learn about blogging:

Geoff Shaw's Super Blogging site

Michael Green's Blogging for Cash

Darren Rowse's blog

There is no excuse NOT to start a blog. It's SOOOOOOO easy. Just Do It.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Derrick Van Dyke's Affiliate Cash Secrets

I like to share with you when I find something worthwhile sharing.
Well, I found yet another good site.
This site is a free membership site called Affiliate Cash Secrets.
It's a site geared toward teaching you how to do affiliate marketing.
Derrick teaches many aspects of affiliate marketing and traffic generation.
He also provides a good program to help you keep track of all your affiliate
links and passwords.
That's the free part.
If you upgrade to Gold Membership (I paid $9.97) you get the really good part of the program
and that is the part where Derrick has set up a complete system for you and all you
have to do is cut and paste messages into your autoresponder (more or less).

You DO need to have an autoresponder but that's about it. You don't even need your own site to promote the affiliate programs.

Derrick has chosen a bunch of programs like Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon, Dominating Clickbank, Day Job Killer, Filsaime's Butterfly Manuscript, Brad Callen's SEO Elite and provides you with the squeeze page, a free report to distribute and pre-written autoresponder messages to send your leads after they sign up for the free report. He does all the work for you and you just have to promote the affiliate links he gives for the different products. It's ingenious and people are making very nice money doing it.
I've only just started using it so I can't report major success yet but I can definitely see where it's going to take me.

I highly recommend this membership. Even if you just take the free membership there is very worthwhile information there. And, to tell you the truth, the upgrade is not expensive (at this point in time) so I found it worthwhile (and I don't usually shell out for memberships).

By the way, if you are interested you can watch a video prepared by Todd Gross about how the site works. I recommend that too...

That's it for today. I hope you found this as useful as I did :-)

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mike Filsaime's New Resource Report

In the beginning there was the marketer. There are certain truths you come to understand the more time you spend making money online or trying to.

Witness the evolution of marketing online. Whether you are new to the net game or an experienced pro, there is one thing you will have in common if you are moving towards entrepreneurial success.

As you read this you will realize what you have in common with all the other million dollar earners online, and what you are missing that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

So let's get started shall we?

I will begin with a bullet point list and short explanation of the marketing necessities you want to have:

For starters, most established markets will already be using this by default:

- A Domain: something specific to what you want to promote like (

- Hosting: a place to put your site, if you're planning on making money - find a paid solution so you look like a credible business and you cut back on high traffic crashes.

- A website: your image your presence and your marketing message, don't get pulled into the trap I see everywhere of trying to put too many choices on your website. Maximize on the effectiveness by only giving one purpose to a page. For example if you want to build a list - focus all your efforts and copy on that singular focus, if you want your site to sell a product, then only put that focus on your site. You'll also need a good editing program, and an FTP (file transfer protocol) software to get this up and moving.

- A merchant account: If you have something to sell, people will need a way to pay you. There are a ton of great providers out there, but there are a specific few that give your visitors the security to pull out a credit card with assurance.

- An Autoresponder: This is a real necessity if you want a business and not just a hobby. When you have a family to support this is a real no brainer. This is your email follow up service. You get a name added to your list and this is where they go. You will use this to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers and soon-to-be customers.

- A helpdesk: in the beginning when your business and sales are small you can handle all the little questions and emails yourself. One of the things that will keep a small business is small is thinking "I can do that myself". if you want to truly grow; you need to share the workload (petty tasks) and focus on what you truly want to do creatively for your business.

- Membership Site software: once you're addicted to the internet marketing lifestyle, you will realize this oh-so-simple fact, it's great to make a sale, but it's even better to make a sale once and get paid for it every month. Continuity is king.

- Teleconferencing software: If you want an easy way to create and crank out high ticket products, audios and a transcript is an easy to make, high-value product.

Of course everything we've touched on so far only scratches the surface, but these are the necessities that not only get you started but will make you above average. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles that will take you from beginner to winner.

We'll cover resources that will help you stay organized and expand your business to make you truly prosperous such as:

-PDF creators and converters
- Mind mapping software
- Site tools to make your business a set and forget it money magnet
- Internet video and audio creating software
- And the how-to's of outsourcing

Keep learning, and most important: be persistent - it will be a quality you share with the biggest money makers online today.

To get more information or download your own copy of Mike Filsaime's Resource Report for free visit:
The Resource Report

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Norton, FTP, and Internet Angels

Well, I haven't posted in almost a week. You know why? I haven't had anything that I felt passionate enough to post about.

Well, now I have something!!!

I got hosting recently and I haven't been able to ftp.

Every time I tried to FTP it failed and said it couldn't connect to the host. Well, I posted about it on the Warrior Forum and David Castle pointed me to his forum TIP. I went on over there, signed up and posted about my problem.

A guy named Darren Lovelock ("Munky") took my case on and spent the entire afternoon, on and off, pm'ing me in the forum. Eventually, I Skyped him (but he has no phone, so we typed to each other) and he must have been online with me for almost 2 hours straight. Bottom line - he solved my problem!!!!! He told me to de-install my Norton Anti Virus and install AVG's free anti virus and anti spyware which I downloaded from the net. I hit a snag when the free anti virus would not install and kept failing. This is where he spent an unbelievable amount of time talking me through the problem. I eventually phoned him on his mobile and we were able to finish finding and deleting the file on my system that was preventing installation. The installation succeeded and my computer is now SAFE. The important thing is that the offending Norton is gone and I can now FTP to my heart's delight.

The point here is not what a brilliant guy Darren is. I'm sure alot of other people could have figured out the problem (some people on the Warrior Forum suggested Norton as the problem) but he spent the time with me and held my hand through the solution of the problem. That is impressive and Darren/Munky is MY Internet angel for today.

I heartily recommend that you all go and check out the TIP SEO forum. TIP stands for The In Place, by the way. Also, I urge anyone that needs help building a website to check out Darren's website where he offers everything that has to do with website building. The address is

There isn't a nicer guy on the internet!!!!

There is another terrific guy, though, that I must mention since I'm discussing internet angels. His name is Craig Desorcy and he lives in Japan and runs a great site called Craig is a born "helper". He enjoys helping newcomers to Internet Marketing to learn their way around. When I need help and post about it on his forum sometimes he creates a Camtasia video, showing me what to do!! He even did a really good critique of my blog using Camtasia. Now, how's that for personal attention? Craig has alot of knowledge and is another one of those internet angels whom it is worth getting to know.
Check out We Help Newbies today!

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