Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesterday (April 30) was my birthday so I'm going to tell you about 2 new giveaways.

The first one is James Brown's Golden Week Giveaway.
Here you can download HUNDREDS of freebies. Get your web education
here for FREE.

The second one is called The Lightning Giveaway 2.
This one is smaller - 25 well known marketers are giving away
brand new products, never been seen on the web. Here is your chance
to start benefiting from these products before the market gets
saturated with them!
Check it out NOW.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lisa Preston's Instant Niche Emails

I'm really excited.
I just bought a new product which I hope will really help to push my business forward.

My plan for my business is to have a bunch of related sites/blogs. I want opt in boxes on each site with a freebie offer. When the visitor signs up he/she will start to receive a newsletter once a week. In the newsletter I will be providing interesting information and some suggestions to purchase relevant products through my affiliate links.

I want to have 52 emails set up (one for each week of the year) even before the first visitor opts in. Sitting down to write 52 emails is not my idea of fun and it gets complicated, when you sit and wonder what to write to complete strangers!

Today, I found a solution to this problem. I bought Lisa Preston's Instant Niche Emails software.

I can't report on the results yet, but I can tell you that it's really cool! You still have to do some of the work, but she takes you by the hand, tells you what to write and after you've written a few things you cut and paste it into her software and VOILA! It spits out the 52 interesting, entertaining emails, which have a piece of YOU in them, since you did alot of the writing (but in very small snatches). The software can also be used to create personality filled blog posts and articles. The whole process should take only a few hours.

It wasn't super duper cheap but it was exactly what I was looking for.

You see, whenever I look at PLR sites they have good (maybe) material but not exactly what I'm looking for for my own niches. Recently I bought a nice, inexpensive package of 52 emails for one of my niches but there were no more available for my other ones. It's so frustrating! So, when I found this product I got really excited because instead of selling me "the fish" I'm being helped to fish. Know what I mean?

As you can tell, I'm quite enthusiastic about the package.
I will be back and report how the results turn out.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Best Free Report on the Net - Silent Profit Machine

First of all, if you haven't yet downloaded the new Best Free Report on the Internet called Silent Profit Machine by Alok Jain you have to download it now. It's free and it's innovative. Not the same ol' same ol' rehashed stuff. Read it and start to earn money fast!!! I am really impressed with the ideas that this guy comes up with. He's the one who wrote the excellent $7 report On Demand Profit.

Besides that great free report I can recommend today another good report with 100% commissions. This report is called the Listbuilding Blueprint by David Bullock. The report covers topics like traffic, conversion, article writing and much more. Bullock describes how he managed to get 3000 subscribers on his list by week 4 and was $750 in profit!

As with everything there is work involved. If you expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this report is not for you. But you knew that.

Let me stress, it is NOT hard. Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD.

Everything can be broken down into manageable chunks and then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. You just need to put in the hours of smart work.

ListBlueprint highlights the logic behind building huge mailing lists and teaches you how to build them.

You'll earn 100% Commissions if you sell it to someone else! So you can start sending traffic to this site and get EVERY penny paid straight to your Paypal account.

And at a price point of under 10 bucks it's a simple sale, so even if you've had problems selling online in the past, use this as a stepping stone to success!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kevin Riley's Recipe for a Newsletter

Are you a little confused about how to go about starting a
newsletter to help you connect with your subscribers?
Are you wondering how you get those little opt in boxes
on your site?

Does it mystify you how the person's email address and name
actually get from the opt in box onto your mailing list? (That
one had me stumped for a while!)

Are you at a loss for what to actually write in your newsletter?

Do you know how to engage your reader and keep his/her attention?

Do you realize how much competition you have in your subscriber's
mailbox? All messages are just one click away from deletion :-(

How does one write an engaging newsletter that helps build a
relationship with our subscribers. A newsletter that doesn't get
deleted right away and actually gets read! A newsletter that helps
us to sell more (ain't that the bottom line?)

Help is on the way!! I bought and read a TERRIFIC $7 e-book
by Kevin Riley called Recipe for a Newsletter.

It's a 49 page book which teaches you exactly
* How to build your newsletter.
* What to write in it to keep your readers interested.
* How often to send it out.
* What time of the day to send it
* What an autoresponder is
* How to set up your newsletter in the autoresponder

In short - it is a recipe for a newsletter!!

The best part is that you can make your $7 back immediately
by promoting the book to your list or blog readers and making 100%

And the really best part is that your customers will thank you.
You know why? Because Kevin Riley writes quality stuff.

And you can take that to the bank.

Recipe for a newsletter

Kevin is actually offering a 60 day, money back guarantee! Can
you believe that? On a $7 product? Sheesh. A no brainer.

Go get it already (You won't be asking for a refund):
Recipe for a Newsletter

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Bum Marketing

You're not going to believe this!

Yesterday I bought a really good product for 0.60 cents. I know.
It sounds ridiculous and impossible. But it really happened. And it
is a good product (2 products, actually) - related to "Bum Marketing".

Have you ever seen George Pluss' Dime S.ales?
They are a huge success because of the value he puts in.
I mean - how can you go wrong with only $0.60 'investment'...

If you are using Travis Sago's Bum Marketing system and want to
take it to another level please check this product out. It's so cheap you
would think that it's a dinky product. BUT IT'S NOT. It's really good.
Here it is again:
George Pluss' Dime Sale

Well, enough here, I think by now you should be zipping over there
to learn the details.

Don't miss out on this low, low priced offer (I still can't
believe I paid so little for it!!!

The funny thing with these super cheapo deals is that sometimes they
are so cheap that people PERCEIVE them as lousy products. Once, I got
an email about a product and the guy said I should decide how much to
pay. Well, that didn't work for me. I decided not to buy it!!! Can you
believe that? I could've gotten it for 5 cents! But I didn't feel right
about it and I didn't want to pay alot so I just skipped it.

Don't make that mistake today. Add this valuable tool to your arsenal!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brad Fallon's FreeIQ

Today I'm not going to talk about some $7 report.

I am going to tell you about something which won't cost you a dime
but may very well be the next BIGGEST thing on the internet. FreeIQ.

As big as Youtube.

If you are smart you'll act today. If you don't you may regret it later.

There is a brand new site on the net run by Brad Fallon from
Stompernet. You know - Stompernet from the 10 million dollar launch.
Brad is an SEO genius and makes about one million ($$$$) a month
from his wedding favors site.

It's hard to explain what his site is. It's kind of like Youtube
with an affiliate program.


It's a place where you can upload your own content or promote other
people's content while earning commissions from it!

This may be then next billion dollar buyout on the internet and YOU
can get in on the ground floor without shelling out. All you have
to do is sign up (for free).

The site has a great affiliate program that enables you to embed
video from the site on any of your sites (like YouTube). The
difference is that if someone goes to your site and buys something
you get commissions!!

On top of that, there is a 1 year cookie. (And we all know that
noone buys anything on the first visit)

Top Internet Marketer, Mike Filsaime predicts that this site may
be part of a major corporate buyout by Microsoft, Google or Yahoo
within the next 18 months.

Are you starting to see how big this is?

You can go into the system now and start putting in your own content.
You can sign up for free and even upgrade your account for no
additional cost as the system is still in beta (not officially
released yet).

Then, you can signup new members, enabling you to get paid for their
efforts for an entire year!

So, go sign up NOW and then let all your friends know about this site.
Then you can load content and start using other people's content to
earn yourself $$$$$$.

Get started NOW right here: FreeIQ

Don't even wait till tomorrow to join. You could be missing out on
revenue from thousands of people.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Demand Profits

Wow! I bought a new $7 report yesterday and it's a doozy.

It's called On Demand Profits by Alok Jain.

It's a 24 page report on "How to Create Your own ATM Machine". I must warn you that there is nothing new and earth shattering in this report. But it's still GREAT. Because it discusses a system that we all know about but probably do not use effectively.

Alok says that you don't need a website or any specific skills to succeed at this system. He says that he made $2,000 in 10 days using this system and shows his Paypal records for proof. I believe him even without the proof, because I know that if this method is applied consistently - the money will come.

I'm not going to give away the system but I will hint that it involves using $7 reports. I love that because I hate spending big money on systems that I may or may not succeed with (or even bother using).

Do yourself a favor. Shell out the $7 and get On Demand Profits. You can always make the money back by selling just one copy of it (and that ain't hard!!) because you receive 100% commission for every copy sold. But don't worry. You won't regret buying this report!!! It's one of the highest converting $7 reports available.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Make Moolah Online

Today I wanted to tell you about a membership site I joined
recently. This site has an absolutely ridiculous name, but that
doesn't detract from the usefulness of the site!

It's called (ahem) Make Moolah Online.

One thing that often stops many people from succeeding online is a
lack of training and one-on-one help from people who are more

This site offers a unique opportunity to go through training for
every major aspect of internet marketing - from SEO to Adwords and
from Adsense to List Building.

Not only that, but you can get one-on-one help whenever you need it
from experts in the field you are needing help with.

It's also not one of those high priced memberships. It's not free (I wouldn't expect it to be )
but it's really quite reasonable.

I urge you to check this out - it may be just what you need.

Here is what the owner of the site, Stewart says about himself in an excerpt from his "about me" on the site:

"I spent some time mastering adwords, affiliate marketing and list building and after 6 months I was earning more than friends and family who were in high paying corporate jobs! I now do pretty much everything - from adsense to SEO!

And I am now where I am now! Trying to help others make money online so they can realise the dreams and goals they have set for themselves. Make Moolah Online was an idea I had a while back and it is now in fruition with many members now taking advantage of the huge collection of training materials and resources that MMO offers."

I urge you to at least have a peek at Make Moolah Online (duuuuuumb name)

Let me know what you think, ok?

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