Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ok, I absolutely must tell you about DealDotCom because you can sign up for free and refer people and then make m.oney without spending a dime.

What this site is, is a place where you can check in every morning and see what special deal is on for the next 24 hours. And I do mean special deal. Yesterday's deal was a membership site script going for about 50% of the price.

It costs nothing to sign up and the sooner you start referring people the more money you can potentially make. If you don't sign them up they'll sign up under someone else and you won't get the commissions.

By the way, this is for the information product world what is for the rest of the world. A place to pick up GREAT deals. You can be sure that people will be buying. Many people are setting their browsers to open up to the DealDotCom page when they open their browsers so that they can see what the current deal is first thing in the morning.

Go, no - run over there right now and get your FREE account! And tough luck if this sounds too salesy to you. It's Free, free, free and can bring you commissions and that's what counts, People!!!

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