Friday, May 09, 2008

Kevin Riley and James Allen in Japan

If you are interested in increasing the profits from your online efforts, you NEED to let me tell you about what's been going on in Japan...

You see, I just received a very interesting update from my friend Kevin Riley. For those of you who haven't heard of Kevin, he's the author of a very successful line of Internet Marketing guidebooks he calls his "Recipes".

(Kevin lives in Japan with his beautiful Japanese wife.)

Kevin is extremely good a cranking out popular and informative reports -it's his specialty. But, to drive traffic and track the results of his offers though, he turns to another internet marketer who also lives in Japan, James B. Allen.

(James also has a beautiful Japanese wife. Spotting a trend here?)

It turns out that these two experts recently got together in the city of Osaka for a week. During that time, they spent several days at Kevin's "Lab" creating a video series teaching all their secrets.

The Osaka Interrogation

As Kevin tells me,

"James had contacted me, thoroughly disgusted with the skimpy information being drip-fed at expensive IM seminars, and ready to spill the beans on all the super-effective techniques he's employed to make big profits off the Internet.

"For 3 long days, we locked ourselves in the Labs (only cigars and whiskey kept us alive) and pooled our vast knowledge and experience with product creation, Internet marketing, offline marketing, and business building. We filmed it all.

"We were absolutely drained at the end, but what emerged was phenomenal. We are offering it as video series named - Internet Profits Optimizer: The Osaka Interrogation."

Kevin is being serious here. If you are still struggling to increase your online income, you'll want to check these out as soon as possible.

Incredibly, this video series, which you can download and watch on your computer, includes 19 videos. That's three full hours of Kevin and James spilling their techniques for increasing traffic, conversions, sales and profits from your websites, all in a clear and detailed manner.

You can read a full description of the offer at their main salespage here:

The Osaka Interrogation

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