Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kevin Riley's Cheat Sheets for Traffic

The Traffic Generation Lab Private Workshop, given by "master of traffic" Kevin Riley, just wrapped up last week, after 4+ weeks of daily video lessons and tasks for building a powerful traffic-driving network. I was privileged enough to take part in this workshop. It was very powerful and enlightening. Kevin walked us through putting up our new "traffic generating centers". I learned alot and got way, way more than my money's worth.

Luckily for everyone who missed out on this amazing course, Kevin has put together some "Cheat Sheets" - not the kind you used in school to pass your tests. These are more like checklists that tell you exactly what you have to do in order to ensure a steady stream of traffic to your blogs and sites. About 200 pages filled with easy to read materials including very easy instructions and lots of screen shots.

This one is a must have.

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This article was very informative :)
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