Thursday, March 19, 2009

Todd Gross' Easy Offline Cash

Today, Todd Gross is coming out with a brand new, clever as anything report called Easy Offline Cash. This report costs only $9 and it gives the Internet Marketer the tools and know how to be able to come in to any offline business which already has a web site online, but not enough traffic, and help their site climb waaaaaay up in the search engines.

This is not a product for super newbies, but if you have some experience in online marketing, you can read this report and offer your services to any company for $499!!!!! The going rate in the market for SEO services is about $1,000, so $499 is not too high a price to ask for! Todd and his partner Mark show you exactly how to help these business get more traffic to their website.

Here is what Easy Offline Cash includes:

Which services to perform

How to perform them

How to get clients interested

The simple marketing pitch

Outsourcing resource (if necessary)

The exact same ads that Todd and Mark use to get clients

Todd Gross is also one of my favorite Internet Marketers. He is an ex TV Weatherman who has moved over full time to Internet Marketing. He is a very genuine, honest and hardworking guy who promotes and creates wonderful products. I've been a customer for at least 2 years.

Today he is coming out with a brand new, clever as anything report.
All this for $9. I have the report and have gone through it. Friends - it's good stuff. Easy Offline Cash.


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