Saturday, August 22, 2009

Joel Therien's Kiosk Relaunching as GVO

This is all *insider* information (for real, and no hype).

It has been a partially well-kept secret that Kiosk is relaunching it's hosting service, and rapping in 3+ other services in September, under the name "GVO".

It's an all-in-one service for Internet Marketers that provides the following services:

Kiosk Hosting, Autoresponder,Easy Video Producer Video service, and Hot Conference. This is Filsaime's, Cheney's, Frank Bauer's hosting company (and most of the big boys).

Like before this will have a viral component, where the emphasis IS on the product, and NOT the opportunity, BUT there *will* be money to be made for anyone who gets in early.

That is because of the 2x10 matrix. Lots of potential residual.
It only costs a dollar to sign up at this time to lock in a place, here at the top. (nice for a change, eh? to be in at the onset of one of these?)

(As an example, marketer Derrick Van Dyke already had $170 in residual monthly income from ONE day BEFORE he even "promoted" because he got in at the top!

If you get in under me, you will likely get some of this spillover mentioned above.

Filsaime and the others will promote in September but only two others got early links in June, and now two friends of my upline, Todd Gross, Mark and Ken have been hired by GVO's Joel Therien.

Mark and Ken and Joel (and his partner Mike) they have gotten us in "at the top", and placed us strategically in a perfect position.

This is kind of like insider trading but it IS legal.

Go Here to check out GVO:

Like Kiosk, it is expected that folks who sign up will have a very long longevity with this system. When you promote it, and get sign-ups of folks that want the family of services, they are really locked down for a good long while, great for residuals.

Imagine if your subscribers were on this plan... how many would quit if they had their leads in the autoresponder and all of their websites on the server? Not many.

Right place, right time.

Derrick, Ken Reno, Odinn Sorenson, Steve Yakim, Micheal Savoie, Jeff Davis, Mark Lareau, Keith Carberry,and so many brilliant marketers have just signed on in the past few hours.

Again, here is the "literal" insider $1 link to secure your place, you'll be able to see your downline grow before this even launches.

Make It Happen..


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Cindy Bolley said...

Sounds like a great opportunity. It is indeed the right place at the right time.
I too am looking forward to this.
Cindy Bolley