Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dane Bergen's PPC Prophecy

Dane Bergen from Australia sent me a review copy of his new program, PPC Prophecy which is launching TODAY, August 29. This book is good for beginner and intermediate internet marketers who are interested in making money online quickly using Pay Per Click methods that work.

Dane's grammar is terrible LOL but WHO CARES!!! This guy really knows his stuff and is making an excellent living using Pay Per Click methods (and anyway, I'm with the grammar police. You may not even notice the mistakes..).

The book doesn't only cover how to set up profitable ad campaigns. It really gives you the total picture with recommendations on howto set up your domains and how to design your minisites so that Google will like what it sees and place your ad in the best position. He advises you on how to set up your squeeze page and what should be on it. He provides sample templates for squeeze pages and emails.

Dane also gives good, solid recommendations for how to choose the right products to promote and he provides the addresses of what he claims are the absolute BEST sites for affiliate products you'll find "in your life". He even gives examples of the products he himself promotes. That is unusual with internet marketers.

He explains how to set up successful campaigns, not only Google Adwords, but also Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter.

I heartily recommend PPC Prophecy!

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Blogs for Money said...

This started off as an interesting article, but every time I clicked on the page to give it focus (so I could scroll) I got a popup window, so I've stopped reading. Well done.