Monday, January 14, 2008

20 Ways to $100 a Day - Product Review

By now you have probably heard about the new 247 page report, 20 Ways To $100 A Day. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this as soon as it came out. What I am going to do is review it for you so that you don't have to wonder if it's any good or not. I will say right off the top, there is both good and bad to this report. You will need to decide if the good outweighs the bad. I can't make that decision for you. I can only give you the facts and my opinion.

Okay, here are the facts as briefly as possible, which is hard to do when you're dealing with a 247 page report.

The report is not written by one person, so you don't have to worry that this is from the biased viewpoint of a single individual. The report has been put together by a number of people, some of them just regular folks like you and me, not big name marketers. Each person tells, in detail, how they go about making $100 per day minimum and in many cases a lot more.

Some of the people in this book, like Dr Mani, I know personally. So I can vouch for their integrity. Some of the people, I do not know, however know their methods and can vouch for the methods themselves. The person who put this book together (Willie Crawford) is also a very respected marketer, so I can vouch for his character.

Okay, let me get to the pros and cons of this book.

Pros -

Each method is laid out step by step. Some of the steps aren't as detailed, which is understandable when you're trying to include so much info. Any more detail in this book and 247 pages would have been 1247 pages. Nobody would read it.

There are many types of plans as far as time frame. There are plans for immediate cash, which will appeal to many folks, and there are plans that are more long range where you will make your $100 a day, but it will take some time to get there. But most of these plans will actually yield much more money.

There is something in this book for everybody. It covers both software creation and sales, info product sales, Ebay, greeting cards and things I would never have thought of. If you can't find something in this book that strikes a chord then you're just not trying.

Cons -

There is no focus on what may be the most important part of all of this, and that's advertising methods. Now, the good news is that if you have Steven Wagenheim's Honest Income Program (reviewed on this blog here), then you have info on advertising methods, which is quite extensive. So just apply them to these money making efforts and you'll be fine. Just don't expect any great advertising tips in here. That's not what this book is about. It's about ways to make $100 a day, fairly easily, and there are 20 of them.

Finally, there is no push button method in this book. Additionally, all of these methods take a lot of work. So if you're looking for easy money where you don't have to do a thing, then this book is going to disappoint you. There is no easy way to make money online. It takes work, and this book is no exception.


On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I give this book an 8.

It's not a "Bible" for an absolute beginner because it leaves stuff out. On the other hand, it does a really good job of giving you the "big picture" and presenting you with different ideas about how to go about making money on the net. Once you choose a method you will probably have to read up more on this method in order to fully implement it. If you've been in IM for a while this book is a great supplement. And for $27 it's a joke not to buy it.

Check it out. 20 Ways to $100 a Day.

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