Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cash Pulling Blog Tactics Revealed

I just downloaded a free ebook on making cash from your blog. It's a darn good book and unbelievable value for $0!!!! It's called Cash Pulling Blog Tactics Revealed.

The book was published by Aaron Leighton and David Isaacs. As I leafed through it I thought that I recognized the content. Well, I did! Originally this book was written by (or ghost written for) Tony Shepard, who had provided it to me for free, as his subscriber. Even then, when I first received this book I thought that it was one of THE best blogging resources I've ever read. Apparently, Aaron and David bought PLR rights to the book and are now distributing it as a way to help build up their business.

Clever boys.

It's really one of the best blogging books I've seen. Covers topics like:

+ Getting Started
+ Which forums to frequent
+ RSS Feeds
+ Social Bookmarking
+ Using Videos
+ Commenting on other Blogs
+ Article writing and submission
+ etc. etc.

It's a freebie and absolutely worth your time to download it and read it - that is ONLY IF you are a blogger or planning on being one. This is a must-have resource.

As an aside, they are also compensating people for promoting this free resource (50 cents per each referral). I wouldn't mess around with it for the measly few dollars but I do think it's worth a perusal (and there is an upsell that they are offering commissions on).

Go download Cash Pulling Blog Tactics Revealed.


rick marnon, howell said...

my blogs have not gotten top rankings yet, so that it would generate any money,,, i will try to do it,,,

mrgeetx said...

I'm downloading this now, Thanks