Saturday, February 02, 2008

SMARTS, Mass Control and $50 a Day

Stompernet's SMARTS, Frank Kern's Mass Control - hooeeeee. We're talking big money launches! One thing they both have in common is that they both made sure to release a bunch of really good quality, FREE videos (a la Eben Pagan) which provided tons of valuable information before they launched.

As a matter of fact, although Mass Control sold out already, I received a mail today saying that they will be re-opening on Sunday for a short time in case anyone still wants in (at about $2,000...)
Even if you can't afford to get it, you have to go on over to Frank Kern's blog, Mass Control Site and watch the free videos. They're perfect for newbies and are very informative. Frank has a very friendly and unpretentious style that appeals to me. Worth watching.

Now over to something completely different.

I got my hands on a book called 50 Bucks a Day by Daniel McGonagle. Usually I don't even open up all my mails on a Saturday night because my inbox is so full. I usually just delete everything. But, Daniel usually sends out high quality stuff and he doesn't bombard my inbox. So, I purchased it from him for $7 and I must say I learned something that I would not have thought of. It's a short report which teaches you in 14 pages (10, actually), how to make about $50 a day online without using Affiliate marketing, Adwords or Surveys. I haven't tried it yet but I can see how it would work. You do have to put work into it but, hey, we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch! Have a look at the under-one-minute video about it here.

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