Sunday, December 03, 2006

Free Holiday Giveaways

Well, it's that time of year. Everyone seems to be in the mood to give stuff away for free. My inbox is choked with free giveaways that I don't even have the time to look at!! Now is the time to stock up on all the goodies that you feel you may need in the upcoming year of internet marketing. You can literally get almost everything for free now. Software, articles, Niche packages, sites - you name it.

Here is a big giveaway site that is not quite holiday related but it's loaded with free products (208 to be precise). It'll take you hours to go through it all!!!!
Viral Marketing Giveaway.
Check it out. You can also earn money by referring other people to it (You can collect commission from people who upgrade their memberships for a fee).

The most popular giveaway site this year appears to be Mark Hendricks' 12 days of Christmas.
Every day Mark is giving away different products. Today is day 2. So, today you can access the free products from yesterday and today. Tomorrow you will be able to see day 3, day 2 and day 1 and so on. Here is the address Mark Hendricks' 12 days of Christmas.
Here is a list of the gifts available for today:

E-Mail Marketing Basics - a gift from Doug Champigny
Meet Your Mentors - Free Membership - a gift from
Lee and Robin Collins
Lifetime Membership to - a gift
from Ken Reno and Gina Gaudio-Graves
The Triple SEO, AdSense and Niche Marketing Reports - a
free gift from Terry Markle now
Webmaster Audio Video Bundle! - a gift from Richard Wing
Resale Rights Masters Volume I - a gift from Arindam
Niche List Builder Version 2.0 - a gift from Munya
Self-Improvement Goldmine Elite - a gift from Michael Lee
Two Free Niche Reports - a gift from Joel Osbourne

I hope that's enough free stuff for one day. Should keep you pretty busy. You can look at it while roasting chestnuts on an open fire...

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