Friday, December 29, 2006

Liz Tomey's Resell Rights for Newbies Membership Site

OMIGOSH! I just found this wonderful site with free videos. You must join up and it's completely free. The site is called "Resell Rights for Newbies" and it is run by Liz Tomey, a famous and successful internet marketer.

On this site you will find videos teaching you how to do everything to setup your first resell rights product online!

You'll learn how to get a domain name, hosting, set your name servers, unzip your resell rights product, edit the sales page for your resale rights product (with your own information and order buttons), edit the download pages, and finally upload it all to your server completely ready to sell.

After you watch the videos you can read the "Ultimate Guide To Resell Rights Profits", also available on the site.

This guide covers resell rights from A to Z and will help you to quickly get started with making money with resell rights.

Then you can read the "Advanced Stealth Strategies Of Super Resellers" course.

This course is only for those who have a total understanding of how to setup a resell rights product. These are advanced strategies to really put your profits through the roof with resell rights products.

The 24 Hour Quick Start Plan To Resell Rights Profits

Once you have gone through all of the videos, and all of the other guides, you can use this plan to get up and profiting with a resell rights product.

There's a lot to cover on the site, so make sure you watch the videos first and then move on to the guide, and then the advanced course.

So, go right now and sign up for free at Resell Rights for Newbies!

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Anonymous said...

ooooh.....good information!!!

I've just set up my own site to try and make money online. I'm a newbie!!

I'd love to know if you have some advice for me?

Anonymous said...

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