Monday, January 15, 2007

Joel Comm's Free Teleseminar

Joel Comm and Shawn Casey are holding a free teleseminar about VRE today, Monday, January 15th.

These guys know a lot about making money with
virtual real estate (VRE), and they will be sharing
some of their greatest strategies and tips in this
free teleseminar.

During the teleseminar, Joel will be revealing
insider secrets of building a successful VRE empire

- How you can immediately jump into the VRE game
and start building your own empire of profit pulling websites.

- What KINDS of websites you should be building, and
how to build them.

- Why most VRE owners are leaving money on the table,
and what you can do immediately to avoid this problem.

- The absolute most important ingedient your website
must have (if you don't have this, you're sunk before
you even start).

- What the little guy should be doing right now to get
started on making a fortune in this business.

Don't miss out on this one-time-only
FREE teleseminar where Joel Comm will provide
answers to these important questions and more!

Date: Monday, January 15th
Time: 2 pm EST (11 am PST)

This message has gone out to hundreds of thousands
of people and spaces for this call are LIMITED, so
hurry and reserve your line now!

Joel Comm and Shawn Casey's Free Teleseminar about using Templates

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