Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Joe Robson's Newbie Club

Oh gosh, I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that. It's been, well, LIFE that's been keeping me from the computer. Nothing bad. Just Life (with a capital "L").
Today I want to point you to a good resource for newcomers to the world of internet marketing.

The Newbie Club.
Run by Mr. Joe Robson. A bit unique. The site's motto is "Hey I'm a Newbie, not a dummy, just show me HOW!". I like that.

This site has a mixture of information. Some is free and some you have to pay for. For example, I get a newsletter from them every week and one of the things in there is a tip on dealing with your pc. Useful stuff.

There are many courses and tutorials available, from the basics of the internet to dealing with photos, Windows, email etc. They've got a very extensive course on building your first website and there is a course about pc security. All in all, very valuable information.
I also like owner Joe Robson's style of writing. He's a master copywriter and he has a course on that too!! By the way, Joe Robson is the author of Ken Evoy's famous book "Make Your Words Sell", which is part of the SBI program. Check it out. The Newbie Club.
p.s. I forgot to mention that they have a nice, two tier affiliate program, so you can earn money by promoting their products.

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