Monday, January 22, 2007

Joel Comm's Google Adsense Secrets

I have to inform you about a good deal going on right now.
Joel Comm wrote a bestselling e-book about Google Adsense.

Over the past two years, this ebook has been purchased by
many thousands of people. And they have gladly
paid $97 to own a copy of his ebook.

Yes, it's THAT good, and can have a huge impact
on your bottom line!

Well, I just found out that for a very limited time,
Joel is making the very same 199-page AdSense
ebook available to everyone at a discounted rate.

The price is really "right". He's practically giving it
away for $19.95. That's an almost unheard of price in the
internet marketing world and it's for a good "meaty" book
without fluff.

Here's the link: Joel Comm's Google Adsense Secrets.

If you are interested in making money from Adsense then
Joel is your man. He rakes in big checks every month from

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DotMySpot said...

Hmm, not sure i remember to tell you this, here's your link! :)

i'll put u in the front page once i create a template.. thank you so much for exchanging links :)


Mike Perry said...

Thanks for your comment about Treasure Trooper on Blog About Your Blog. Sorry I had to answer here but I can't seem to do a comment on BAYB.

What you say is a relevant point. I actually have an email address I use for things that may generate spam and used this for TT. I must give this a mention though on my blog. Thanks for pointing it out.

Best wishes,

TechExplorer said...

Hi, I read your comment on Mike's blog about you removing adsense on your site because you didnt earn much with it. I totally agree, in fact I have written a post on my blog about this.

btw, good blog.