Sunday, February 11, 2007

Holly Mann - Not a Scam!!

In a previous post I wrote a review of Holly Mann's book Honest Riches and I gave it a thumbs up. Today, Holly emailed me an updated version of her book- Honest Riches 2007 - and I feel compelled to write about it here.

Holly has done a wonderful job of revamping her book. It is now 95 pages long and is just loaded with valuable content. The spacing is also pretty tight in the book and there is alot of content on each page (sometimes you get ebooks where the authors space them out to make them seem longer). I first purchased Holly's book about 6 months ago and her book is what gave me my start on the web. At the time I felt that it was a really worthwhile acquisition. Well, now the book is even better!

Now the book starts off with a chapter on how to start a business on the internet, where she talks about self employment and tax issues. This is important information for anyone starting their own business.

She's got a full chapter all about affiliate marketing - a really nice, robust chapter which outlines the differences between Affiliate Networks vs. Independent Affiliate Programs. She also discusses programs for people outside the U.S. and how to research affiliate programs.

Next is a chapter on how to research: brainstorming ideas, seasonal opportunities, mass media and niche finding tools.

How to make money without a website gets its own fat chapter which includes forum marketing, writing product reviews and lots more.

Wesite design, content management systems (with lots of attention to Joomla), blog websites, turnkey websites, a Free Website Offer and tons of other information are in the next chapter.

A chapter is devoted to Open Source Ideas ( I never read about this anywhere else!). She talks about how she used to purchase all kinds of specialty software until she discovered places on the web to get it all for free!

Adsense has a chapter; SEO gets alot of attention from Holly in this book as does Pay Per Click advertising. There's a chapter on list building, creating your own e-book and a bonus section with Ebay advertising snippets and dropshipping tips.

Her style of writing is such that you feel that you are sitting across the table from a good friend who is "spilling their guts" about how to go about making a living on the internet. You can tell that Holly has a wealth of experience doing internet marketing (and by the way, I think that most of what she does is in niche marketing and not internet marketing). She knows lots of tips and techniques and happily shares them with her readers. I do feel that there is a bit missing of the "how" to do certain things for beginners. But I feel that it's not so terrible, because she's very clear on the "what" to do.

In general, I must add that every time I have ever sent Holly an email I have received a courteous and prompt response from her. I can honestly say that I bought this book because reading her sales page inspired trust in me. Now that I am her customer I can attest to the fact that I am a very, very happy customer and recommend her book, from the bottom of my heart, to any newbie and more advanced internet marketer.

The price has gone up since the last version but she is giving so much more now that I sincerely feel that it's worth the price. Maybe this review is too positive. I dunno. All I know is that I can't believe the value she gives for the price she charges. Holly Mann is one of the "good guys"!!!

Honest Riches 2007

p.s. I welcome comments from anyone who read Holly's book. Did you find it as helpful as I did?

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