Sunday, November 19, 2006

Randy the Hermit's Marketing Beginners

I found a wonderful (free) site which you can sign up to and get tons of valuable information and educational videos. The site belongs to Randy, the Hermit and is called Marketing Beginners. Randy has 10 years of experience online and he is giving you 75 videos on all kinds of internet marketing topics FREE OF CHARGE. You can upgrade your membership and get even more stuff, but even the free membership is unbelievable.

His videos are of great quality. Clear and understandable. And Randy has this great, deep voice which is very easy to listen to (very often videos have lots of pauses and uhms and ahs or are very hard to hear without plugging in earphones). I have to tell you very honestly that this site is one of the absolute best sites I have encountered in a long time.

Editor's note: Check out the BEST beginner's e-book around - Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Revealed. It's inexpensive and loaded with great information for the newbie!

Randy also has a forum on the site where he is happy to answer newbie questions. It's not that often that you find someone who is just "there" for you, the newbie or the intermdiate marketer.

There is also a wealth of information on the site about resources that Randy recommends. You can tell that this guy is on the level. An honest, hardworking internet marketer that is out to really help others and not just make a fast buck. It's obvious that he invested alot of himself in this helpful site.

Needless to say, you can also earn money promoting his site. He even has a free e-book which you can rebrand and make your own.

Check it out!!! Marketing Beginners.


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