Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tutorials for PC and Internet Use

As you may know by now, I am always looking out for good tools for newbies.
There is so much to learn! Internet marketing is such a complex and sophisticated world (no matter what anyone says).
Then, there is the whole topic of learning how to deal with your own computer and gaining the skills necessary to run a business online. I know that these skills are a major challenge for me!

Well, I found a great tool to help a newbie learn the ropes in no time (well, in some time...).
PC & Internet Companion is the name of the course you can buy from the Newbie Club. It is a Mega library of 43 chapters and over 800 tips and tutorials. It's written in Plain and Readable English and will help any newbie understand all the gobbledygook associated with computers and internet.

Here's what it contains ...

6 Volumes,

43 Chapters,

32 Topics,

123 Charts, Images, and Screen Captures. And a

MASSIVE 849 Tips, Tutorials, and additional Resources.

It's specifically designed to be used as ...

A comprehensive in-depth course,


An occasional learning center to be dipped into as time


The ultimate reference library to refer to whenever you come
across a PC or Internet problem you don't understand.

That's why it's called Companion, because you can have it
sat on your PC desktop, ready at all times just to delve
into as and when you wish.

Check it out. PC & Internet Companion by the Newbie Club.


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Cristian said...

Hi Dena.
Indeed the tutorials at NewbieClub are great.
Have you also checked out the free workshops about home business that Joe Robson is recommending in his newsletter?
They are really great for newbies. :-)