Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Norton, FTP, and Internet Angels

Well, I haven't posted in almost a week. You know why? I haven't had anything that I felt passionate enough to post about.

Well, now I have something!!!

I got hosting recently and I haven't been able to ftp.

Every time I tried to FTP it failed and said it couldn't connect to the host. Well, I posted about it on the Warrior Forum and David Castle pointed me to his forum TIP. I went on over there, signed up and posted about my problem.

A guy named Darren Lovelock ("Munky") took my case on and spent the entire afternoon, on and off, pm'ing me in the forum. Eventually, I Skyped him (but he has no phone, so we typed to each other) and he must have been online with me for almost 2 hours straight. Bottom line - he solved my problem!!!!! He told me to de-install my Norton Anti Virus and install AVG's free anti virus and anti spyware which I downloaded from the net. I hit a snag when the free anti virus would not install and kept failing. This is where he spent an unbelievable amount of time talking me through the problem. I eventually phoned him on his mobile and we were able to finish finding and deleting the file on my system that was preventing installation. The installation succeeded and my computer is now SAFE. The important thing is that the offending Norton is gone and I can now FTP to my heart's delight.

The point here is not what a brilliant guy Darren is. I'm sure alot of other people could have figured out the problem (some people on the Warrior Forum suggested Norton as the problem) but he spent the time with me and held my hand through the solution of the problem. That is impressive and Darren/Munky is MY Internet angel for today.

I heartily recommend that you all go and check out the TIP SEO forum. TIP stands for The In Place, by the way. Also, I urge anyone that needs help building a website to check out Darren's website where he offers everything that has to do with website building. The address is

There isn't a nicer guy on the internet!!!!

There is another terrific guy, though, that I must mention since I'm discussing internet angels. His name is Craig Desorcy and he lives in Japan and runs a great site called Craig is a born "helper". He enjoys helping newcomers to Internet Marketing to learn their way around. When I need help and post about it on his forum sometimes he creates a Camtasia video, showing me what to do!! He even did a really good critique of my blog using Camtasia. Now, how's that for personal attention? Craig has alot of knowledge and is another one of those internet angels whom it is worth getting to know.
Check out We Help Newbies today!

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