Saturday, March 31, 2007

$7 Reports

A short while ago Jon Leger started the phenomenon of selling reports for $7. His first report was about how to get traffic from YouTube.

Jon's next report was also a $7 report. This one discussed the huge success of the first report and described how he achieved his success with it and also explained how he used PayPal to accept payments. He also incorporated some special scripts he'd created. Once people bought a $7 report from him they could turn around and sell it to their list, thereby making back their money and then some.

Sales really jumped because of the resell system built into the report. This system made it really simple for anyone who had bought the report to re-sell it and make money. Jon quickly spotted that his system would work for any report and not just his own so he set up a special website called 7 dollar solutions to act as a central store for anyone with a good quality report to sell.

In a matter of weeks, over 400 different reports were written by experienced online marketers and many of these sold well because they too came with Resale Rights. This meant that anyone who bought a report could then go on and re-sell it to recover their costs. If they sold more than one version, they were in profit!!

But having Resale Rights and know exactly what to do with them are two entirely different things. Experienced internet marketers were able to exploit these reports very fast and started to earn money from their Resale Rights literally in a matter of minutes but other people who were less familiar with online marketing often got stuck.

One marketer, William Charlwood, spotted this problem and wrote a detailed report of his own that specifically shows you how to sell reports using Jon Leger’s system. Called $7 Dollar Selling it gives anyone the knowledge they need to get started.

One of the intriguing facts about William’s report is that it shows you a total of 23 different ways you can sell reports including no less than 12 techniques you can use that don’t even require a website. It’s highly readable too and is a good and low-cost introduction to the fascinating world of internet marketing. So if you want to know how internet marketers make their living and you want to break into the online marketplace, it’s well worth a read.

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