Thursday, March 29, 2007

Autoresponders, The Importance of

Everyone is always talking about how the money is in the list.

Well, I've come to understand that it really is crucial to have a list. When I saw that in the past few months thousands of people had visited my site I realized what a waste it was that I didn't have an opt in box for people to join my mailing list. Had I had the opt in box all along I might have built a really nice sized list.

The beauty of it all is that it really is so simple to start buiding your list. What you need is :

1. a free report to offer to your subscribers
a little course that you can promise to send them in installments
2. an autoresponder.

A free report is easy enough to either write up or buy.
There are free autoresponders on the market, but my understanding is that they are not as reliable as the paid ones, and some of them even display adds in your mails. That doesn't look very professional.

The two autoresponders with the best reputations are Aweber and Getresponse.
I use Aweber and I'm very happy.

An autoresponder enables you to load up as many messages as you like into it and these messages get sent out whatever interval you decide. So, for example, you can set up 5 messages that you want to have sent out once a week for a year. This way, you can do the work in one or two days and then the whole business works on autopilot!

You can embed affiliate links in your autoresponder messages and your subscribers can buy through your affiliate links right from the message. These messages are sometimes called "ezines" or "newsletters". Today I hear about an internet marketer who does not own her own site. All she has is a Blogger blog and a subscription to Aweber. She has 52 messages in Aweber for each list she owns. This woman made about $90,000 last year WITHOUT HER OWN SITE. Pretty amazing.

Remember that it's crucial to have an autoresponder. I waited too long till I subscribed. Don't you make the same mistake!!! There's no time like the present. Mosey on over to Aweber and sign up NOW!!

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