Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dirk Wagner's List Profits Crash Course

I found a new super comprehensive List Profits Crash Course which I highly recommend you check out. It's not a freebie but the price was only $5.74 when I bought it. It's increasing by 1 cent each time someone purchases.
If you want, you can re-sell the book for 100% profit and also make 50% of the one time offer.

Despite it's really low price it's 108 pages long and jam packed with useful information about how to write in a way that builds trust with your list while still making you money from it.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Common Mistakes Most People Make In Their E-Mails - Here you are going to learn exactly what makes an e-mail promotion or article flop and how you can avoid these pitfalls forever!
  • How To Induce Sales With Cleverly Written Text - You are going to learn how to use the secrets of persuasion to your total advantage and how to persuade anyone to part with their cash to buy your product.
  • How To Write Captivating Content - This section will teach you how to write content that engages your reader 100% almost like hypnosis and also how to turn that interest in your article to interest in your product!
  • How To Write At Turbo Speed - In a hurry or just don't want to spend loads of time writing? You're going to learn how to write at record speeds and the best part is, the quality will be of extremely high quality!
  • The Relationship Factor -There's no doubt, you need to create relationships with people in order to sell to them. Here you will learn the insider tactics to creating strong relationships with people using the power of e-mail!
  • Response Boosters! - Is your e-mail promotion just not doing as well as you'd hoped? Never fear! You are going to learn how you can increase the response of any e-mail with just a few fast, simple tweaks!

  • Autoresponders, HTML & Personalization - This is where you will learn how to use some of the "tools of the trade" in non-conventional ways for extreme profits, higher response and automatic sales follow-up.
  • The Secret Formula For Your Mailing Schedule - Here you are going to learn the precise formula that you need to use to create the strongest, most profitable relationships with your subscribers by staying in their mind!
Dirk Wagner could easily have charged much more for this and I can't figure out why he priced it so low. If you want to get it for as close to $5 as possible check out List Profits Crash Course asap!

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