Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brad Fallon's FreeIQ

Today I'm not going to talk about some $7 report.

I am going to tell you about something which won't cost you a dime
but may very well be the next BIGGEST thing on the internet. FreeIQ.

As big as Youtube.

If you are smart you'll act today. If you don't you may regret it later.

There is a brand new site on the net run by Brad Fallon from
Stompernet. You know - Stompernet from the 10 million dollar launch.
Brad is an SEO genius and makes about one million ($$$$) a month
from his wedding favors site.

It's hard to explain what his site is. It's kind of like Youtube
with an affiliate program.


It's a place where you can upload your own content or promote other
people's content while earning commissions from it!

This may be then next billion dollar buyout on the internet and YOU
can get in on the ground floor without shelling out. All you have
to do is sign up (for free).

The site has a great affiliate program that enables you to embed
video from the site on any of your sites (like YouTube). The
difference is that if someone goes to your site and buys something
you get commissions!!

On top of that, there is a 1 year cookie. (And we all know that
noone buys anything on the first visit)

Top Internet Marketer, Mike Filsaime predicts that this site may
be part of a major corporate buyout by Microsoft, Google or Yahoo
within the next 18 months.

Are you starting to see how big this is?

You can go into the system now and start putting in your own content.
You can sign up for free and even upgrade your account for no
additional cost as the system is still in beta (not officially
released yet).

Then, you can signup new members, enabling you to get paid for their
efforts for an entire year!

So, go sign up NOW and then let all your friends know about this site.
Then you can load content and start using other people's content to
earn yourself $$$$$$.

Get started NOW right here: FreeIQ

Don't even wait till tomorrow to join. You could be missing out on
revenue from thousands of people.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, hi Dena, Davin here. Just thought I'd stop by, and check out your site. Looks great. I did sign up for Brad's new site. It looks quite exciting! I'm sure I'll catch you over in Tim's forum soon. Take care.