Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Demand Profits

Wow! I bought a new $7 report yesterday and it's a doozy.

It's called On Demand Profits by Alok Jain.

It's a 24 page report on "How to Create Your own ATM Machine". I must warn you that there is nothing new and earth shattering in this report. But it's still GREAT. Because it discusses a system that we all know about but probably do not use effectively.

Alok says that you don't need a website or any specific skills to succeed at this system. He says that he made $2,000 in 10 days using this system and shows his Paypal records for proof. I believe him even without the proof, because I know that if this method is applied consistently - the money will come.

I'm not going to give away the system but I will hint that it involves using $7 reports. I love that because I hate spending big money on systems that I may or may not succeed with (or even bother using).

Do yourself a favor. Shell out the $7 and get On Demand Profits. You can always make the money back by selling just one copy of it (and that ain't hard!!) because you receive 100% commission for every copy sold. But don't worry. You won't regret buying this report!!! It's one of the highest converting $7 reports available.

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iwantfreedom said...

I have purchased Holly Mann's Honest Riches Ebook via your hop link. Have yet to read, hope it is useful to newbie like me who is still exploring ways to make money online.


Dena said...

Thank you for buying through my link.
I'm sure you will enjoy her book as it is really excellent.
All the best to you and lots of luck with your online business.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dena,

I don't really trust Alok Jain. His methods are always dated. I bought his two minute profits last time. Applied it but it will never work. Besides the report is only 14 pages. He covers the method in only 1-2 pages. the rest are fluff.

Not recommended.


Melvin (aka shadez9)

Dena said...

I don't know Melvin. I bought the report, read it and liked it. Otherwise I NEVER would have recommended it to my readers.
Like I said - it's not revolutionary but it's a good idea for making fast money. I DID learn stuff from it.
What I learned was worth $7 to me....

TechExplorer said...


I bought Alok's two minute profit and that didnt work. I dont know how you find this yet another $7 report fascinating, yet you are saying that it is something we all know about, how is that unique and working method?

anyway, his twominute profit guide did not work for me. its very limited in scope and after that I dont think I will believe him. I contacted him multiple times about that strategy not working and he says that he is using it, but it doesnt work.

Dena said...

I didn't say his method is unique. I just said we all know about it and can use it more effectively. Many people are using it according to what I've seen.

Siddique said...

if someone can tell more about the strategy of Alok Jain.



Siddique said...

if someone can tell more about the strategy of Alok Jain.



Rosie Cottis said...

I think there is some confusion here. 'On Demand Profits' and 'Two Minute Profits' are two different ebooks and they are completely different systems. I agree with Dena that On Demand Profits is GREAT. I also agree with the comment that Two Minute Profits is not so great.

Dena, your affiliate link will not work any more as A Jain is no longer using the $7 script. You need to change the .com to .net and promote through instead.

Great blog. And I agree about Holly Mann's book too!


Dena said...

Hi Rosie.
Thanks for taking the time to post your comment. I appreciate it and will look into the links.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,

There is a better and much more resources in this report:
"On Demand Profits Extended"
over 250 forums to post on links for affiliates and a whole bunch more and it is FREE. A lot more value. Alok Jain report is outdated but still good.
download link is here:
Happy New Year!

carlos said...

I bought Holly Mann,s e-book a few year back, Most of the information you can find it in the internet. But if you do not nothing about how to make money on the internet, she will explain it in this e-book. IT IS BETTER TO DO INTERNET SEARCH FIRST.