Monday, April 16, 2007

Bum Marketing

You're not going to believe this!

Yesterday I bought a really good product for 0.60 cents. I know.
It sounds ridiculous and impossible. But it really happened. And it
is a good product (2 products, actually) - related to "Bum Marketing".

Have you ever seen George Pluss' Dime S.ales?
They are a huge success because of the value he puts in.
I mean - how can you go wrong with only $0.60 'investment'...

If you are using Travis Sago's Bum Marketing system and want to
take it to another level please check this product out. It's so cheap you
would think that it's a dinky product. BUT IT'S NOT. It's really good.
Here it is again:
George Pluss' Dime Sale

Well, enough here, I think by now you should be zipping over there
to learn the details.

Don't miss out on this low, low priced offer (I still can't
believe I paid so little for it!!!

The funny thing with these super cheapo deals is that sometimes they
are so cheap that people PERCEIVE them as lousy products. Once, I got
an email about a product and the guy said I should decide how much to
pay. Well, that didn't work for me. I decided not to buy it!!! Can you
believe that? I could've gotten it for 5 cents! But I didn't feel right
about it and I didn't want to pay alot so I just skipped it.

Don't make that mistake today. Add this valuable tool to your arsenal!

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