Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kevin Riley's Recipe for a Newsletter

Are you a little confused about how to go about starting a
newsletter to help you connect with your subscribers?
Are you wondering how you get those little opt in boxes
on your site?

Does it mystify you how the person's email address and name
actually get from the opt in box onto your mailing list? (That
one had me stumped for a while!)

Are you at a loss for what to actually write in your newsletter?

Do you know how to engage your reader and keep his/her attention?

Do you realize how much competition you have in your subscriber's
mailbox? All messages are just one click away from deletion :-(

How does one write an engaging newsletter that helps build a
relationship with our subscribers. A newsletter that doesn't get
deleted right away and actually gets read! A newsletter that helps
us to sell more (ain't that the bottom line?)

Help is on the way!! I bought and read a TERRIFIC $7 e-book
by Kevin Riley called Recipe for a Newsletter.

It's a 49 page book which teaches you exactly
* How to build your newsletter.
* What to write in it to keep your readers interested.
* How often to send it out.
* What time of the day to send it
* What an autoresponder is
* How to set up your newsletter in the autoresponder

In short - it is a recipe for a newsletter!!

The best part is that you can make your $7 back immediately
by promoting the book to your list or blog readers and making 100%

And the really best part is that your customers will thank you.
You know why? Because Kevin Riley writes quality stuff.

And you can take that to the bank.

Recipe for a newsletter

Kevin is actually offering a 60 day, money back guarantee! Can
you believe that? On a $7 product? Sheesh. A no brainer.

Go get it already (You won't be asking for a refund):
Recipe for a Newsletter

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Please tell me who your sources say the statcounter-type company was that provided advertisers access to place spyware cookies, etc.

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