Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chris Carpenter - Google Cash Detective

Remember Chris Carpenter from the famous Google Cash program? The one that taught how to profit from Adwords?

He's back! And with the answer to the age old question:
"How do I find profitable affiliate programs?"

That's one of the burning questions that everyone wants answers to, right?

And then questions that usually follow from that one:

"Which keywords will I use?"
"What is the best ad copy to use?

Chris has written an excellent new FREE report where he reveals how new technology is changing how we deal with those critical issues.

It shows you how you can actually know what affiliate programs are actually profitable, which keywords to use, and which ad copy to use with near scary accuracy!

These are exciting times, indeed. However, those of us who don't take advantage of this new technology will be left in the dust.... And those that do learn about this and take full advantage will be more profitable than ever.

I was pretty blown away by what I read in the report. I believe that it is a MUST READ. Much more important that all the "Death of" reports.

By the way, Chris has a cool little video on his site of his laid back, fun, "internet" lifestyle in Mexico. It looks too good to be true but apparently it's real!!!!

Go read the free report right now, before they take it down! (By the way he'll pay you .50 cents for each person you refer to the report, in case you need motivation to pass it around).

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