Sunday, May 06, 2007

More Great Free Videos

Last night, when I found out about these Free Videos for Newbies I was almost jumping up and down from excitement.


I used to pay $5 per month to have access to these videos and now Dan Cauthron is offering free membership to his site where he has about 50 videos for newbies available.

If you are a newbie there is NO EXCUSE for not going over there right now and joining.
This is the real deal. Serious value.

This guy is my kind of internet marketer!!

Here are the 13 courses he offers for free. Each course has a few short videos in it.

How To Get A Domain Name And Webhost

Course 2 - How To Set Up a Professional Email Address

Course 3 - Basic Tools and How To Use Them

Course 4 - How To Write HTML and Build Websites

Course 5 - How To Accept Credit Cards At Your Website

Course 6 - How To Publish Your Own eZine or Newsletter

Course 7 - How To Market On The Search Engines

Course 8 - How To Write Ad Copy That Sells

Course 9 - How To Create Your Own eBooks

Course 10 - How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Course 11 - Advanced Webmastering Made Easy

Course 12 - How To Put Audio on Your Website

Course 13 - How To Write Emails That Sell

Unless you know all this stuff already you have to be nuts to pass up on this offer. Nuff said.


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