Monday, May 14, 2007

Henry Gold's Giveaway - 117 Software Goodies

I just wanted to remind you of the different giveaways going on where you can get tons of products free of charge.

First of all there's Mike Mazella's Lightning Giveaway which closes at 11:00 pm tonight. Get over there and download your high quality gifts.

Secondly, there's the new, HUGE giveaway called 117 Software Goodies run by Henry Gold and David Cheyne. There are hundreds of giveaways there to choose from.
Not trashy ones either. Alot of this stuff is stuff that I have seen for sale here and there.
I think they only yet you choose 10 products but there are all kinds of ways that you can get a better deal out of them. Like by referring your friends, becoming a JV partner etc. By the way, this giveaway is a great way to increase your list by thousands (potentially). This site gets an awful lot of traffic.

Lastly, there's Germana Group's JV Giveaway Pro. This one has 17 pages of free products just waiting for you to download them. Happy downloading!!!

Make haste and get your freebies right away.

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