Friday, May 18, 2007

Kontera and Musings

You may have noticed that some of the words on this blog are highlighted in blue and have a double line under them. This is because I have included Kontera advertising on my blog as another stream of income. Each one of these links takes the reader to another site , the owner of which pays Kontera a certain amount of money for each visitor. I get a percentage of what the visitor pays Kontera (a very small one but it all adds up!).

On another note entirely, I was just having these random thoughts today about how amazing the whole internet thing is. There are so many people surfing the net daily, from all over the world. You don't have to wait till someone comes to your little mom and pop store anymore. You get your site up and start to promote it and .... the sky's the limit!!! You can get exposure for your ideas or your products with so many people nowadays that it's really mind boggling. I don't think the internet will ever not be "hot" in the future. Seems to me that now is the time to stake the old internet claim.

Look at me. I have this little ol' blog and companies like Kontera and Adsense are willing to pay me to display their adds on it. I didn't even have to pay to put up the blog. Blogger provides you with hosting and all the blogging software for free. What a world!

And don't worry about competition either. If there's comptetion it means there's a market out there for your product! Just do it. There is also alot of free information available for those who don't have the capital to invest.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramble today...Back to the trenches :-)

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