Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flash: Adsense is Alive!!!

Ok. So Scott Boulch did an amazing marketing trick and said something really controversial in order to get zillions of people to sign in to his list. Now he has this HUGE list of subscribers that he can sell to. Pretty clever.

Joel Comm, a real Adsense guru, just released this report which is a complete rebuttal of the Adsense is Dead report. He does a darn good job of explaining it too.
It's free and I recommend that you read it.
Here is the link: Adsense is Alive .
Joel makes about $26,000 a month from Adsense. Wow. Hard to fathom. I would tend to go with HIS version...

By the way, if you download the free Adsense is Alive report Joel will also give you a free report on generating traffic. Grab it!


Edward said...

Hi Dena,

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