Sunday, October 22, 2006

Negative Product Reviews

Today I wanted to talk about honest reviews of products.
Everything is great when the review you want to write is a positive one. That way, you can write alot of positive stuff and stick in a few negative points, if there are any. That looks pretty sincere.
But what happens when you really don't like the product?
Do you just keep your mouth shut?
Do you just say what you feel if someone asks you directly?
Is it doing other people a favor by telling it like it is and possibly saving them money?

The other day I wrote something negative on this blog about a certain audio that was mailed to me by an internet "guru" as a promotion for a big launch.
I listened to the audio and I hated it.
I posted about it here on the blog and also in the Warrior Forum in a thread about the program.
Subsequently (that night) I felt very bad about posting it because in the post/thread I criticized the person who made the audio. Someone else on the thread gave a much more professional and all encompassing review of the actual product which he had checked out. I felt that maybe I had hurt the feelings of the person who made the audio and I apologized in a private mail and later on - publicly on the forum.

I also erased the post from this blog.

It seems that there is a fine line. On one hand, I want to voice my opinion and my disappointment in the product I received. On the other hand, just because this is the internet and I can't see the person I'm talking about doesn't give me license to say what I want. The internet is kind of like one big meeting room. If I say negative about someone in the "community" it's as though I attacked someone in the same big meeting room. Do you understand what I'm getting at?

So what's the answer? Just to keep quiet? Someone on the forum suggested that negative reviews can be sent to people in our list instead of broadcasting them on forums.
I dunno. Alot of people (including me) really appreciate reading honest and unbiased reviews.
In this world of internet marketing everyone seems busy washing each other's backs because we are all selling to each other and JV'ing with each other. It's downright incestuous...
What do YOU think?


Anonymous said...


First to everyone reading this blog, I am as newbie as one can be when it comes to the internet marketing business. Yes, this is a business and should be conducted as such with high morals and standards.

I came across your blog while doing research about 'The Rich Jerk' and yes there are a lot of positive responses but their is also a link directing you to a website to buy the product which makes me believe that the positive response is a ploy to get you to purchase the product from their website. There might be nothing viable about the particular site but that is not going to stop someone from posting a positive just to get a chance of making a sale.

If you come across something negative I personally believe it should be passed onto others in the internet galaxy so as not to be taken advantage of. I don't want to sell junk to someone simply to get my money back. I want a real legit business that makes money and would be proud to own.

About your blog, if you reviewed something and did not like it you have the right to express your opinion. Be careful as to who you are directing your opinion to, for an example, if you didn't like the content of the audio don't criticise the speaker if it is not his work. Some writers are professionals in their career but are camera shy therefore they contract that portion out to someone else. Again if the content of the audio was good but was delivered in a poor manner I would give praise to the content but criticise the presentation.

To answer your question, Yes, people should give their opinion if it is positive or negative.

Sorry for the long comment.

Success be with you.

Dena said...

Dear Anonymous
Thank you for your response.
By the way, I also have a link to the Rich Jerk site but I very clearly stated whom this book is for (the intermdiate and not the beginner). I also describe (in detail) what I don't like about the book.
If someone chooses to click on the link from my site to buy it, I feel that I've given a fair appraisal of the product.
I think it's usually pretty transparent when someone is just gushing over a product to get you to buy it...

Gordon said...

It's not what you say, but how you say it! Since a lot of these e-books and courses are updated regularly, negative reviews can help the author/creator improve the product, or their next product.
People who put out garbage products should be called out for it. Too many people in the internet marketing arena have a "make money fast" mentality instead of "build a business" mentality, and they under-deliver, and/or over-hype their product. In my opinion, in such a competitive market, the only way to have a long term successful business, and to stand out from the crowd, is to over-deliver every time.
Just look how many books there are on Adwords! Honest detailed reviews, for better or worse, are much needed!!