Sunday, October 29, 2006

More on Membership Sites

Ok, so everyone is talking about how membership sites are the way of the future (ho hum). So, everyone and his brother/sister is creating one. It's a great way to achieve monthly income.
Now, I, being the sucker that I am for anything FREE - sign up for almost every single internet marketing membership site that comes my way. But, I always sign up for the freebie and the chances are infintisimal (spelling??) that I will upgrade. If I were to upgrade on each site I wouldn't have money left for food each month!!!!!
What do you guys think? Does anybody actually pay membership at these sites?
Would you?
If you're also a sucker for freebies, here is the latest membership site I found advertised in my inbox. It's all about making "Net Infomercials".
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Ann Ricks said...

Yes I've noticed too that everyone is going for membership sites. I don't think I would pay for membership to any of the sites, but I must say I've spent money for products offered on the site.

Anonymous said...

I have only paid to subscribe to the Warrior forum. Biggest waste of money ever.

Dena said...

Why, why, why? I just joined for free. Did they used to charge?