Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More on Search Engine Optimization

It's crucial to learn good methods to get your site to the top of the search engines. If someone does a search on a keyword and your site comes up on the 100th or 1000th page, what's the point? Who is going to scroll so far? The trick is to come up on the first page, people. And, apparently, it's possible!!

A while back I gave you a link to those free videos on SEO by Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins.
Now you can find them and more at www.stomperblog.com.
These two very busy bees are now busy getting ready for their big launch today (I think). They have been doing so much pre-selling and already have a HUUUUGE mailing list of people like me that signed up for the free videos. No doubt it will cost a small fortune to join after they launch their offering....

On a side note, I don't know if you have been following their pre-launch marketing, but the Rich Jerk has been sending out some really obnoxious emails about this. He claims they stole his ideas etc. etc. and does alot of "badmouthing" about them. At the same time, he keeps sticking their links in his emails. From which I (oh so cleverly...) deduce that he is their affiliate and he is just doing a very clever job of marketing. His shtick is being obnoxious and using lots and lots of profanity. I guess it works from him.

Back to SEO, I found some nice marketing videos on the subject. They are done by Mike Pollock and he is very clear and concise on the videos. No "uhms". He also offers some samples of freebies on his site. So, you may want to check out the free ones before you spend money. I watched the free one about SEO and it was excellent. I haven't dished out yet for the ones that cost money! Even if you don't buy them now, you can bookmark them for a later date when you are ready to optimize your site. They look really good.

Brad Callen's free course on Search Engine Optimization
If you haven't done so yet please go HERE and sign up for your free 7 day course on SEO with Brad Callen. He really knows his stuff and he's giving it away for free. This is one of the best resources on the internet.

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