Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stompernet - Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon

Well, well, well, the wait is over. Stompernet has finally been launched.
The price is over $800 A MONTH. How do you like that?
Some people look at it as $26 a day and therefore - worth it.
That price is a biiiiiiiiiiit steep for me and I'll have to take a pass on it.

Of course, I was right about The Rich Jerk. All his nonsense and cursing
at "Brandy" were just a marketing ploy to draw attention to Stompernet.
He was the first guy I got emails from, promoting the program. He offered
a whacky bonus to whomever bought the program through his affiliate link.
He offered a free "ticket" to participate in his next infomercial. Whatever
floats your boat, I guess...

All the "big" gurus were trying to get me to buy in through their link.
Mike Filsaime, John Reese, Cody Moya and many more. It's a little hard to
trust a guru's opinion of a program when it's clear that they have a vested
interest in you buying through their link.

Which, is the problem with the whole affiliate marketing thing. There is so
much "incest" going on between all the different marketers. They all sell to
each other and promote each other's products. You don't really know who to
trust anymore!!! I wish I knew the answer. There really isn't one.

I actually do believe that Stompernet is a good program. Not quite sure if it's
worth all that money though... What do YOU think?


greg cryns said...

It's good to see someone coming to their senses about all these guru offerings. I pushed the "escape" button on most of the newsletters I was subscribed to because they just did not offer much worthwhile content. Just selling stuff and a lot of it is junk.

I subscribed to Phil Wiley's newsletter for a few years and loved it. Then he seemed to go over to the dark side. Every time I heard from him he was promoting other people's get rich schemes. I wrote to complain saying his newsletter was junky. He wrote back and said, "I know."


Dena said...

Could be they have a GREAT offering. I can't really see anything be worth $800 a month to me.
As for Phil Wiley, what a shame. I guess he got so busy that he started to neglect his mailing list. It's a darn shame because our customers are our biggest asset!

Charles Heflin said...

The StomperNet offer is way over priced for the information offered. We have been selling the same system for a one time free of $97 for lifetime access.

I am shocked that they would release this at $800 a month. I am sure that many of their members and poeple who couldn't afford their membership will be flocking to us very soon.

I love your writing style Dena. Keep up the good work and people will follow you and your opinions.

Best regards,

Charles Heflin
SEO 20/20

Dena said...

Thanks for your comment Charles.
I'm BLUSHING. As a relative beginner, though, I appreciate all the compliments...
You could have posted your link in your comment in case anyone is interested in your program. This way you could also get a backlink.
All the best

Charles Heflin said...

Hi Dena,

I didn't want to come across as a spammer :0)

Anyways... If any of your readers are interested they should read this free PDF ebook to get familiar with the strategy:

The Master Plan Primer

Best regards,


Prompt Income said...

Stompernet sames like a really awesome program. At first, I didn't agree with the price either because, obviously, $800/month seems insane for a beginner. As I thought about it though, I wouldn't recommend StomperNet for beginners anyway. Stompernet is designed to advance an existing business, and when you think about off-line business expenses, $800/month for Marketing, Advertising, Publicity, and Sales Efforts is actually pretty good when you think about it. Unfortunately for someone like me, I can't afford it even though I would love to get involved...we'll see what people have to say about it I guess!

Dena said...

Thanks for stopping by Prompt Income.
Frankly, I don't think that $800 is worthwhile even for someone who can afford it. To me it seems like an OBSCENE amount of money. I can't believe that 1000 people saw fit to dig that deep into their pockets!!!
Just goes to show you something about people though...It should actually encourage the rest of us who do internet marketing. Means there's a market for almost anything and at any price!!