Thursday, August 24, 2006

Holly Mann's Thank You Rich Jerk Book

Today, I would like to do a product review for Holly Mann's e-book Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed!, otherwise know as "Thank you Rich Jerk".

The Rich Jerk is an internet marketer who has made big money on the internet. His website is and it's fairly obnoxious. He is crude, nasty and, well, obnoxious. But this is his shtick and his trademark. He wrote a book on how to make money on the internet called The Rich Jerk

Is it necessary to spend $49.95 on the Rich Jerk's e-book? You can buy it if you want. But there is another book out there which can help you make big money on the internet for a much smaller investment.

Holly Mann, a 24 year old army veteran, mother and entrepreneur has authored an excellent e-book Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed! on getting started on the internet. Her book covers a lot of material that every internet marketer has to learn sooner or later. There is no marketing fluff in this book, like I've seen elsewhere. The book is only 43 pages long but it is loaded with information. Holly teaches the newcomer how to get started with no money and no website! I can honestly say that she really opened my (inexperienced and naieve) eyes to simple but powerful techniques. She is a smart cookie, which is obvious from the name she gave her site and book, which brings the search engine to her site whenever someone searches on "Rich Jerk".

She describes how to continue, once you've made some money and can invest in a website and other tools. She describes her experiences and tells how she increased her earnings big time on the internet. She covers website design, adsense, mailing lists, dropshipping, search engine optimization and teaches the reader how to build online presence. Some stuff is not covered in depth enough for my tastes and some stuff is a bit too detailed, but maybe my lack of experience prevents me from appreciating all the details. It doesn't really matter. I needed the basic information and tools in order to get started in my internet marketing career and Holly's book has certainly given me the foundation to make the big money I plan on making.
Holly has an affiliate program available and an also online member's only area where there is a lively ongoing interchange of ideas by the members.
Another something worth mention is the fact that included in the purchase is a free e-book cover generator. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, but some feel that this software alone is worth the money.

Regarding purchasing Holly's book as opposed to the Rich Jerk's book – I have not purchased The Rich Jerk's book, but people who have read both say that the Rich Jerk's book has black hat methods (less ethical) described in it and is geared more towards the experienced internet marketer. I can assure you that Holly Mann's book is very honest, ethical and appealing. I am totally uninterested in learning sleazy ways toearn money - on the internet or off! Also, her book is definitely geared toward the marketing newbie.

Bottom Line
Did I feel that the $19.95 I spent on Holly's book was well spent?
Absolutely. The first e-book I had bought was a total scam as I mentioned in a previous post and I felt very cheated and humiliated. Holly's was such a breath of fresh air after that one. I highly recommend Holly Mann's
Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed!

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