Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The perks of working from home

Every morning I wake up and I do a little happy dance.
Because I don't have to rush to get ready and get into my car with a cup of coffee for a one hour and fifteen minute commute to work.

Because I don't have to spend my day initiating phone calls to customers.

Because I don't have to drive all over the place visiting customers and kissing up.

Because I don't have to go to a sales meeting with my colleagues once a week (gag) and listen to the boring details of all their deals in the pipeline.

Because I no longer have a boss breathing down my neck for me to finish my QUOTA (gag again) for this week/month/quarter/year.

Because I'm home to make lunch for my children and serve it to them while listening to their stories about what second/third grade is like.

Because I work from home.
That's it. No links for you today. Just a little happy dance...

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