Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pick a Guru

In my travels on the net, I come across something or someone who really stands out that is worth reporting here.
Recently I came across this wonderful site with unbiased reviews of various internet gurus and programs. The site is called www.pickaguru.com and is run by a very objective and sincere gentleman named Roger Zimmerman. He's not a guru and he's not famous but he's doing a real service to us internet newbies (and even oldtimers) by looking at different programs and reveiwing them for us. He doesn't sell anything at all on his site, so I needn't worry that he's saying something nice about a product because he's trying to sell it to me (like so many others do on the web). He gives a nice rundown of what the product offers, who the guru is, what are the positive and negative aspects of the products, if there is a moneyback guarantee and if there are any giveaways or newsletters on the guru's site. Since most of us are constantly browsing around and looking for "get rich" opportunities it's nice that there is someone around who is totally unbiased and who does some of the work for us. At least one can see if it's worth spending the time doing the elementary reading involved. One of my biggest challenges is that I simply don't have enough time to read all the stuff I want to read (newsletters in my inbox, free courses) or watch (free videos on many topics). So, I appreciate the fact that there is someone who has done some of the work for me and is giving me direction.
Do yourselves a favor and pay a visit to Roger's friendly site: www.pickaguru.com.
Send him an email; ask him a question. He will answer you in a timely and friendly manner. He believes that you can get more done with friendliness and cooperation than any other way and he really practices this.
I look forward to hooking up with some other internet experts who are as nice and knowledgeable as Roger.
Till next time...

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