Sunday, August 20, 2006

More on Surveys

I would like to clarify something about surveys.
There are those scams which request that you pay $35 or so to get a list of surveys. I never paid money for that. I did find many survey sites on my own which did not cost money to register for. The problem is that I spent alot of time filling out surveys to complete my profile and it was really a waste of time. I received ONE survey in my email in the last few months and it wasn't a paying one either. I think it was from NPDOR and they said they would enter my name in some weekly sweepstakes. Thanks alot. Apparently, this whole survey business is a matter of demographics. It helps to live in the right place and be the right gender. So, I'm the right gender but I don't live in the right place. I imagine that's why I don't get any real surveys to do. Just lots of dinky offers for various products which I don't need and which are meant for people inside the U.S. (which I am not).
That about sums up everything I have to say about surveys. Thumbs down.


LyndaJo said...

Hi Dena
Perhaps if no-one did these surveys, then the companies concerned would get their act together to make it worthwhile for people to give their opinions. At least they should be more upfront about where you need to live etc. They make it sound so easy, don't they?

Dena said...

They make it sound easy because they want us all to sign up and leave our info so that they and their affiliated companies can bombard us with unsolicited advertisements. Grrrrrr. It's so annoying. I don't know if you noticed but they do major advertising all over the web and I think they are one of the top clickbank offers. I notice that many, many internet marketers promote survey sites too. Have people no ethics nowadays???