Saturday, August 26, 2006

Internet Addiction

What is it with this internet stuff that I am so addicted to it?
I do not have set hours yet that I have decided to dedicate to working on the net. So, I go to the computer whenever I have a chance - in the morning when I wake up, after the kids go out, at night after the kids are in bed etc. Why am I so drawn to it though?
Used to be my work was an hour's commute from home. I went to work, stayed all day and came home to my family. Now, my work and my family are in the same place and the temptation to work more and more is overpowering!!! I'll just get one more thing done. Just add in one more link etc. It's really never-ending.
Ok, I know that I am very much a "people" person. I usually enjoyed going out on sales calls. I loved developing relationships with my customers and (some of) my co-workers. I am very good at communicating. I guess I have found that these communicating skills that I have work very well for me on the net. I mean, that's what internet marketing is made up of - talking on forums, on a blog, on a site etc. Lots of emailing back and forth. So, it's right up my alley. But it's so darn addictive!! One thing is clear to me, and that is that it would be a really good idea to set up specific hours for work on the computer. Otherwise, it can easily take over my life. And then my kids won't really appreciate having given up the company car etc. just to have their mother holed up in her room in front of the computer screen!!!
Oh well, at least I enjoy my work.....

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm really glad you're doing this! I'm following this blog from day to day, and am fascinated by the process you're going through. Keep it up! V