Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Should a Newbie Start?

Someone who is completely new to internet marketing has the big question - How will I make money on the internet? It's all rather confusing and overwhelming.
When you do a Google search on "Make money from home" or "Make money on the internet" you get so many results. As a beginner it's pretty hard to separate the wheat from the chaff (did I spell that right?). You get all these offers where you pay $47 and you get a list of the best make-money programs around, including how to get government grants, how to make money answering surveys, data entry from home etc. DON'T INVEST (THROW OUT)THE MONEY. I didn't. I just kept plugging along, reading and reading and reading.

I subscribed to all kinds of free newsletters as well. I started to get lots of email. Some of it more worthwhile and some of it less. But these emails helped introduce me to other opportunities I hadn't known about. And slowly, slowly I gained knowledge of the internet and its inherent opportunities.

After going through alot of material, I was convinced that I wanted to purchase
Holly Mann's Terrific Book because she impressed me as a person with alot of integrity who could really help a newcomer out. Also her book is CHEAP!!!
As I continued shopping around I went back and purchased her book about which I did a review in a previous post. This book provided just the start that I needed, as a newbie without a website.

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