Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Safelists (??)

Do any of you have any experience with lists like Lucky List or List Machine?
You see, I don't have my own mailing list yet because I haven't had a way to capture emails from anyone. I don't have my own website yet. When I will I can put in a little box where I offer something nice that's free in return for the visitors' emails. Once I have a mailing list the possibilities for actually selling anything to anyone get much broader.

So, the solution for people without lists is to sign up (for free) with one of these so called safelists.

What happens is that you agree to receive mail from other people on the safelist and you get the opportunity to send out a mailing once a week to the people under you. Aha, therein lies the catch. How to get people to sign up under you? Well, you would have to advertise the link for one of the lists somehow. Well, I haven't been successful in signing people up from a link in my signature on forums.
Anybody out there have any ideas how to get signups and succeed with these safelists?
Any advice would be welcome!!!

Oh yeah, and here is my link, in case you want to sign up under me LOL...


dadathome said...

Dena, you've hit the nail on the head!

It doesn't matter what you're promoting (selling, in other words), you have to have a way to get people to come and look. Otherwise you simply have this wonderful 'shop', your website, but it's in the biggest 'shopping center' in the world, the Internet.

So.... how do you market to those people? How do you contact them and invite them to look?

You have the right idea. Offer them something of value, real value, in return for their email address. Maybe for free.

But...., you're still only part way there. People only buy from people they Trust. Your valuable offer is a start, but trust comes with time, repeated contact, familiarity, and a developing relationship. Only then are they willing to consider your offer with an open and receptive mind.

You're onto the principles, so all that remains now is, how to do it??

Here's what I use to give real value, and to build the relationships:

You may find it useful.

Dena said...

Hey Dadathome.
I took your RAD course and it was excellent!!
Thanks for the comment