Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dime Sale on Adsense Sites

I've been a bit "all over the place" on the internet over the past couple of days.
I was away from my laptop for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana (Saturday and Sunday) and when I got back my inbox was bursting at the seams. Frankly, it's always bursting at the seams. As I type I have over 500 unopened items in my inbox and I don't know if they will ever be opened.
Instead of unsubscribing to alot of stuff I let it sit in there, thinking that maybe someday I will get to it!!

Anyway, I do open some of my mails and I do find things of value sometimes!
Yesterday I found a "dime sale", where someone puts up something for sale, starting at 10 cents and the price goes up by 10 cents after every sale. For $7 I bought 5 complete Adsense sites based on niche topics. These sites came with over 2000 pages. Now, I need to customize them, buy domain names and hosting for them and get them up and running. This is an experiment for me, since I don't have my own website yet. I'll take one of the sites and see if I can generate any income from it. If it doesn't work - I'm out $7. Here is the link to the site where I got the Adsense sites. (It is kind of funny that I bought this after posting the Adsense is Dead post, but I figured it's only $7.....)

Statistics on my blog

Up until yesterday I was getting my blog statistics on a trial basis (without charge) from here
(www.mybloglog.com). They cancelled me because I don't want to pay the monthly fee for the service. So, I moved over to here (www.statcounter.com) where they give statistics for free.
If you need stats for a website or blog you can check them out.


Kim said...

I have been using statcounter for a while now, and it works great!

greg said...

adsense is not "dead"

Dena said...

You know what Greg?
I TOTALLY believe you!!!!