Monday, September 11, 2006

Musings about websites, internet and making money

I was just thinking today about how despite the fact that I've been in the Information Technology field forever and a day, I knew so little about the internet a few short months ago. I surfed around for recipes, medical information and lots of other things. My company had a website where we would see company-wide information. I paid bills via the internet, watched movies on YouTube and did all kinds of things.

But, I hadn't a clue to what is actually going on out there. I could never understand, for example, why someone would send out emails with jokes every day.

Helloooooooo. Earth to Dena. It finally dawned on me after a couple of months of surfing around and learning how to earn money. It's all about MONEY. I couldn't figure out why someone would put up a site with almost no content on it and the content that was there was such garbage. Now I finally understand. They put up sites with lots of Google ads in order to make money from Google Adsense. The content doesn't matter to some of these people who are out to make a buck. There are SO many low quality websites out there.

The funny thing is that there are zillions of people like me out there in the real world (and even in IT companies like where I worked) that haven't a clue that you can make money on the internet. These people surf around and don't know that when they click on a Google Adsense ad, that the owner of the site makes money. Or, that when they go shopping on the web that there are people out there making money from affiliate programs.

It's so bizarre. When I tell people at my old IT company that I want to make a living from the internet, they ask me "But how?". These are people that sell millions of dollars worth of software a year.

Go figure.

Maybe this means that the window of opportunity to earn money via the internet is still open and will be for a while...

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