Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hosting Companies

Oh gosh.
I just had to do a quick post about hosting companies.
I was surfing around and saw an ad for a company called www.intaspace.com. I surfed in and saw that they had incredible prices for hosting with a free domain name included. I almost ordered but I asked on one of the forums I'm on and someone said to check out www.hostgator.com. I haven't purchased from them yet, but they have some really important information on their site about how not to get SCAMMED by hosting companies.

They recommend going to www.internic.net and checking out the domain name of the company you are interested in going with (using the WHOIS function). Well, I entered checked out intaspace.com and you wouldn't believe it - their domain name is about to expire on September 22 2006!!!!!!! Can you imagine?
Just to give you an idea, Godaddy is registered till about 2012 or something. Well, that bit of information really saved me, didn't it?????

Another thing recommended is to check out the support of the hosting company by just calling their number and seeing if you get any response.......

Again, don't whip out that credit card just because you see a good deal. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.....

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