Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good Videos

Hey, check out this site and watch the FREE videos by Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon.
They are really worthwhile.

They appear to be real experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is all about bringing traffic to your site. They have one website that brings in $16,000 EVERY DAY. One of their videos shows you different techniques they use on that site. They claim that natural search (free, through search engines) is much more worthwhile than paid search.

Another video covers stuff like how to increase coversion rates. A conversion rate is the % of people who actually buy. If you get 100 people at your site in one day and 2 people buy then the conversion rate is 2%. They provide ideas on how to increase conversion rates.

Other topics covered:

How to control your customers click activity by guiding them to specific areas on your page with the controlled use of images and text
The BBB (Better business Bureau) - Is it a scam or will it increase sales?
Do you need to answer your phone to make money?
Hollywood-Style SEO.
Turning 8 keywords into 8,000 RELEVANT keyword phrases
And more...

I might add that the videos are entertaining. This guy, Andy Jenkins, is funny and he also delivers the material in a clear manner. No "um", "er", "ahem" etc.

Here is the link:

p.s. Here is a FREE internet marketing course I came across by Cody Moya. I haven't done it yet but it's free and there is an opportunity to make money by providing it to others for free.
Free Internet Marketing Courses


Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,

I've checked and keep getting the following message in my Firefox browser:

"Firefox can't find the server at"

By the way, good posts throughout your blog. My wife and I have read them all. We bookmarked your blog.

Roy Wood
South Korea

Anonymous said...

Roy, it's

There's an S on there...

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. :)

Anonymous said...

More great videos have been released by these guys!!

Doubling Your Traffic


Destroying Duplicate Content

Awesome videos!!